Zelenskiy says Ukraine needs decisions on modern tanks deliveries

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While Berlin and Washington have not officially confirmed the news, sources told Reuters on Tuesday that Germany would send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine and allow other countries to do the same, while the United States could supply Abrams tanks.

Zelenskiy said that the issue was not about five, 10 or 15 tanks, as Ukraine’s needs are greater, but about reaching the final decisions on real deliveries.

“Discussions should be concluded with decisions,” Zelenskiy said in his evening video address. “Decisions on the real strengthening of our defense against terrorists. The allies have the necessary number of tanks. When the necessary important decisions are made, we will be happy to thank you for every important decision.”

The Social Democrats of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz have been wary of moves that could spur Russia to escalate the war, and what they consider a risk of the NATO alliance being drawn into the conflict.

Zelenskiy reiterated Ukraine’s contention that Russia is planning a new wave of aggression, with the first signs already visible in the wider Donbas region in southeastern Ukraine.

“The occupiers are already increasing the pressure around Bakhmut and Vuhledar and elsewhere,” Zelenskiy said.

“And they want to increase the pressure on a larger scale.”

Fighting around the eastern town of Bakhmut has intensified in recent weeks, with Russia claiming a number of successes in its campaign there.

(Reporting by Bogdan Kobuchey, Ron Popeski, David Ljunggren and Lidia Kelly; Writing by Lidia Kelly; Editing by Josie Kao)

By Bogdan Kobuchey

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