Zeenat Aman got married with a special purpose, the move backfired, life became hell with B grade actor, narrated her story

Zeenat Aman Life Story: As brilliant as Zeenat Aman’s film career was, there was as much turmoil in her personal life. He got nothing but sorrow and pain in his married life. While being a top actress of Bollywood, Zeenat Aman married a B grade actor only to fulfill a special purpose, but this move cost her dearly.

New Delhi: Zeenat Aman is one of the few actresses who became a hit in Bollywood after winning the beauty pageant. She won the Femina Miss India and Miss Asia Pacific International crowns in the 1970s. She impressed the entire country with her beauty. She appeared in successful films of the 70-80s. She is one of the first glamorous actresses of the Hindi film industry. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@thezeenataman)

Zeenat has played a very cool role in ‘Satyam Shiv Sundaram’. His successful career brought him both wealth and fame, but unfortunately he never found peace in his personal life. His personal life was full of turmoil. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@thezeenataman)

There were rumors that Zeenat Aman married Sanjay Khan, but there is no proof of this. It is said that Sanjay Khan once hit her hard in a hotel room, due to which Zeenat Aman’s left eye was damaged. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@thezeenataman)

Zeenat married Mazhar Khan in 1985, which surprised the industry, because Mazhar Khan was not in the list of top actors. The same Mazhar Khan, who was seen in the role of Detective Beggar in the 1980 film ‘Shaan’. He mostly worked in flop films, although he appeared in a Hollywood film, but could not do anything special in his career. When Zeenat got married, she was ruling Bollywood. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@thezeenataman)

Years after Mazhar Khan’s death, Zeenat Aman told in a chat show of Simi Grewal why she had married Mazhar. The actress said that she married Mazhar Khan to become a mother. She had said, ‘I wanted a child then. This was the main reason for me getting married, because I believed that marriage is only for creating a family. At that time, I was ready for it, so I married Mazhar Khan. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@thezeenataman)

Zeenat’s relationship with Mazhar was not good. The actress told that Mazhar was not allowing her to grow as an artist and wanted to control her. Zeenat realized that she had married the wrong person, but she remained with Mazhar till his death. There was never a happy moment in her marriage with Mazhar Khan. Let us tell you that 71 year old Zeenat Aman is the mother of two children, whose names are Azaan Khan and Jahaan Khan. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@thezeenataman)

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