You will get free stay and food for 3 months in this city, this is the best place to visit…

News Desk: If you are fond of travelling, then this is a golden opportunity for you. Many people want to know about the places worth visiting in the country and abroad. In this episode, today we will introduce you to a place where you can stay absolutely free for a few months. We are talking about a beautiful city of Italy. The government will provide you many facilities in this city. The name of this place is Ololai (Ololai, Italy). Let us know about this city.

There used to be a lot of activity on this beautiful island of Italy. Thousands of people lived there. But very fast the people of this city are going and settling in the cities. Due to this, the population here has now reduced to less than one thousand. The houses are deserted. The city mayor is worried that one day the city may become a ghost town. That’s why he has offered foreigners to stay here. A few days ago, he had also tried to sell the abandoned houses, so that someone could buy them and come and live there so that the population of this city could increase a bit. The price of the houses was fixed at only Rs 80, but people did not show much interest.

the first woman who came to live here

Now 39-year-old software designer Clarice Partis, resident of Los Angeles, came into limelight when she decided to live here temporarily. Partisans will be the first people who are going to live in this city after a long time. He said, I always wanted to work from a strange place away from the crowd, where I could live the life of a nomad. That’s why I chose this place. Before this I was in Zanzibar. But as soon as the opportunity to live in Ololai came, I grabbed it.

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