Wrestler Bajrang Punia And Vishal Kaliraman Controversy Update; WFI Brijbhushan Sharan Singh, Antim Panghal | Said- I will accept the challenge, I have neither left the country nor died, you are cheering Brijbhushan.

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Wrestler Bajrang Punia, who agitated against former WFI President Brij Bhushan, has released a video on social media.

The issue of giving direct entry to Bajrang Punia by giving exemption in the Asian Games trials has not cooled down. In this matter, the parents of wrestler Vishal Kaliraman will sit on a fast on Wednesday. Vishal’s brother gave a statement regarding Bajrang and women wrestlers. Due to which Bajrang Punia got angry.

While sitting in the graveyard, he came live on social media and told Vishal’s parents to first teach him to speak, the matter of challenge will come later. As far as the challenge is concerned, it will be accepted after the Asian Games. I am not going anywhere. I have not fled the country. Neither am I dead nor is my conscience dead. You have been cheering Brij Bhushan since the beginning.

Vishal’s brother had said many things in an interview with Bajrang Punia about his wrestler wife Sangeeta Phogat. It was even said that Bajrang sold the strike. If Bajrang is so capable then he should wrestle with Vishal. If they win, they will give huge cash.

Wrestler Vishal Kaliraman has opened a front against wrestler Bajrang Punia regarding the trials for the Asian Games.

Important points of Bajrang Punia’s statement

Sisters and daughters in your house, look at them and say something
For the last 10 days, Vishal Pahalwan, his family and brother have been running an issue. His brother is speaking wrongly about the family in a video. First of all, I would like to request Vishal’s parents to teach their children to speak first. Everyone’s sisters and daughters are equal, there is no difference between them. You will also have a sister and daughter in your house. You should look at them and say something.

We did not get up from the protest, instead the police woke us up by beating us with sticks.
It is being said that the protest was sold. The protest has not been sold, but the decision taken on 28th was taken by our Khap Panchayat. We are moving forward to complete it. We were picked up by the police with batons. We didn’t get up ourselves. I fought for the respect of my sisters and daughters. Did not fight for his personal interest. No one in this country has raised voice against Brij Bhushan before today. No one had that much courage.

Last Panghal coach also replied
Another person calling himself the coach of the last Panghal is asking me to answer his four points. I will also answer his four points, but right now I am busy in the Asian Games and working hard here. You have even said goodbye to Khap Panchayat. That means whoever is in your support is fine. No, you will say goodbye to him.

Why did Vishal give trial for standby?
When it was already known that trials were being held for standby, then why did they give it? It was already said that there will be standby trials for 65 and 53 kg categories, so what is the fuss about? Vishal is still in standby. If it was like this, then trials had to be given in 74 kg category.

These rules have been made by Brijbhushan whom you are saying is right. I am fighting the battle of sisters and daughters. I am fighting this battle by staking everything. You don’t have the courage to just give in.

Those who fought against Brij Bhushan were made liars.
You are playing with the honor of sisters and daughters by speaking on social media. You made the women who fought against Brij Bhushan a liar. Would your sisters have come forward in their place? Therefore, one should speak thoughtfully. You were coming to me and saying that if the Panchayat does not assemble on your words, then no one will assemble on your words.

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