World News: Gang rape with Hindu girl who went to defecate in Pakistan, employment crisis in Canada – Gang Rape With Hindu Girl In Pakistan World News Update In Hindi

Gang rape with Hindu girl in Pakistan world news update in hindi

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In Cholistan, Pakistan, a Hindu girl who had gone to defecate was gang-raped and murdered. According to media reports, the victim’s family said that she had gone to defecate in the desert at midnight. Did not return after this. We searched for him at many places. Later on Thursday, his body was found lying near Bhutta Canal. His age was 19 years.

According to Derawar police station, three accused have been arrested in this regard and a case has been registered. A police spokesperson said that at present the post mortem report of the girl is yet to come. After this further action will be taken. After the incident, questions have again been raised regarding the status of minorities in Pakistan. Incidents of forced conversion, marriage and rape of minority Hindus are common there.

27 MPs formed Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Jain groups in America

Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Jain Caucus (caucus) was established to work on religious freedom in America, in which 27 MPs of the lower house of Representatives have joined. Indian-American MP Shri Thanedar made this formal announcement. Organizations associated with these religions say that they were not consulted before forming the caucus.

The organizations objecting include Hindus for Human Rights, Sikh Coalition, Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund and Indian American Muslim Council. In response, Thanedar said that the document for the caucus in the US Parliament has been given, its members will not make any statement against any religion or religious group. Its goal is to increase mutual understanding and peace among religious communities (religions originating in India).

Dr. Avinash elected president of expatriate organization FIA

Prominent Indian-American physician Avinash Gupta has been named president of the diaspora organization Federation of Indian Associations of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut for the year 2024. FIA is one of the oldest and largest non-profit grassroots organizations.

Two Indian trainee pilots die in plane crash

A small plane crashes in the Canadian province of British Columbia. In this, 3 people including 2 Indian trainee pilots died. The accident occurred Friday near the local airport in the city of Chilliwack, about 100 kilometers east of Vancouver, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) quoted an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as saying. Abhay Gadru and Yash Ramugade of Mumbai died in the accident. Both were around 25 years old. The crashed plane belonged to SkyQuest Aviation. The reason for the accident has not been known.

Employment crisis in Canada increases concern of Indian students

An employment crisis has arisen in Canada, which has spoiled relations with India over the issue of killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Nijjar. Due to tension between the two countries, the worries of Indian students have increased further. According to Erudera, a global education search platform, the number of international students pursuing education in Canada is 8,07,750. Of these, 5,51,405 students got study permit last year itself. In 2022, the number of Indian students holding education permits was 2,26,450. There are many Indian students who could not get respectable jobs even after completing their medical studies. They are working in a store or restaurant.

Committed to working in the interest of students: University of Toronto

Amidst the ongoing tensions with Canada and reports of declining interest among Indian students in studying in the North American country, the University of Toronto has reassured the student community and committed to working in their interest. The University of Toronto is proud to be home to more than 2,400 students from India, said Professor Joseph Wong, the University’s International Vice-President. They enrich our classrooms and campus life. We want to assure international students that we are committed to your well-being.

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