Will attack after setting target itself, China is selling such killer drones to Middle East countries

Countries and governments around the world are currently searching for drones that can automatically identify the enemy and kill them. That means Killer Combat Drones, which are equipped with AI. They should recognize the enemy. But the question is arising that if such drones fly then how will they decide who will stay alive and who will not? (Photo: Getty)

dailystar The website has quoted Aljazeera as saying that China is providing such AI-powered killer combat drones to the countries of the Middle East. Which will decide who will live and who will not. It is believed that China has given such drones to Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Iraq and Ethiopia. (Photo: X/Xian UAS)

The concern of the countries of the Middle East is that if these drones make a mistake in identifying their people, they will kill everyone on the battlefield. A Saudi-led group sent Chinese-made aircraft to Yemen. So that there can be an air attack there. This aircraft killed 8000 Yemeni civilians in the last 8 years. Not the soldiers. (Photo: Getty)

In Iraq, Chinese drones carried out 260 air strikes on Islamic State terrorists from mid-2018 to January this year. In which he got 100 percent success. Professor Toby Walsh of University of NSW, Australia says that this is a matter of great concern. Such drones will destroy any human present in the battlefield. (Photo: X/Xian UAS)

Former US Defense Secretary Mark Esper says that China is selling such drones which can decide who will live and who will die. China is continuously selling its most advanced and important military drones to the countries of the Middle East. These are completely autonomous. Australian defense expert Dr. Malcolm Davis also believes this. (Photo: X/Xian UAS)

Dr. Davis says that there is nothing surprising in this. China and Russia can cause destruction anywhere in the world with their killer robots. At the same time, America’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) says that it also wants to bring AI into the battlefield. (Photo: X/Xian UAS)

DARPA is currently running a project named Strategic Chaos Engine for Planning, Tactics, Experimentation and Resilience (SCEPTER). Under this project, he is creating such artificial intelligence technology that will end war. Even the most complex rust can be removed easily. (Photo: X/Xian UAS)

Creating AI powered weapons is not difficult. The problem is that if even a little goes wrong on the battlefield, AI powered weapons can prove to be extremely lethal. They can attack their own army. Such weapons will have to recognize their limits and predictions. Projects like Scepter will create new battlefield toys. (Photo: X/Xian UAS)

There is discussion all over the world about this project to control AI-powered weapons. Under this, three American companies are getting funds. But people associated with this project say that they are not making deadly weapons like China. We are making Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWs), but they are not like China. (Photo: Getty)

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