Why is Hindustan Zinc being demerged, what will be the benefit to investors? Understand the whole plan

Hindustan Zinc Demerger: Vedanta Group has decided to corporate restructure its golden hen Hindustan Zinc. In this restructuring, Hindustan Zinc Company will be divided into three businesses and they will be listed as three separate new companies. That means three new companies will be formed. The group feels that by doing this it will get better value and its debt burden will also reduce. There is a plan to create a new company by separating the three businesses, the first business of which is Zinc and Lead. The second business is silver and the third is recycling business. Hindustan Zinc has also formed a committee of directors to separate and evaluate these three businesses. But what will be the benefit to the shareholders in this whole process and what is the meaning of this demerger for Hindustan Zinc, let us understand it-

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