Why has Patna become a garbage dump?

It has been raining continuously in Bihar’s capital Patna for the last few days and according to weather experts, this rain will continue unabated for the next few days. When it rains, we play songs and fry pakodas. But people of Patna are not able to do this these days. The reason for this is the garbage spread all around the city. The capital of Bihar has become a heap of garbage these days. Eight thousand employees of Patna Municipal Corporation are on strike for the last five days with 35-point demands.

Patna Municipal Corporation employees are on strike since September 21. Their main demand is that the daily wage earners who have been serving in Patna Municipal Corporation for the last several years should be given permanent jobs. Other demands are:

Minimum salary should be increased to Rs 18-21 thousand;
The abolished Class IV posts should be reinstated;
By ending outsourcing, workers working in related works should be given jobs in the Municipal Corporation;
Equal pay for equal work should be implemented.

Patna Municipal Corporation employees started gathering outside Maurya Lok on the morning of 25 September. His program was to protest outside the CM residence today. But the administration did not allow these employees to reach the CM residence.

A reply has also come from Patna Municipal Corporation on this entire matter. On September 25 itself, Patna Municipal Corporation said that all the employees will be given increased salary from October 1. According to the new rate, daily wage workers will be given Rs 490 per day and cleaning supervisors will be given Rs 540 per day. The registration process for this has also started from Monday. Daily workers in all zonal offices will have to submit reports, on the basis of which they will get the benefit of increased salary.

On the other hand, the responsibility of cleaning the garbage spread in the city has been given to the sector supervisors. Who will get the city cleaned through door to door vehicles. The Municipal Corporation also says that the services of Patna Municipal Corporation have continued even during the strike. Fogging and spraying of anti-larva drug is being done in public places. Whereas from Monday morning, the cleaning work has been started in the city with about a hundred vehicles.

Regarding the employees who went on strike in this matter, the corporation has said that cooperation is being done with them. But if someone blackmails you, you will not bow down to him. On the other hand, the striking employees are still adamant on their demands.

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