Who Was Voted Out of ‘Survivor 45’ This Week?

This article contains spoilers for episode 8 of it Survivor 45aired November 15 on CBS and Paramount Plus.

The weeks keep rolling by and Survivor 45 it continues to thrive. And this time, it was at the expense of brutal blind castaway.

With the Jury officially open, episode 8 featured the remaining 10 players trying to gain control to avoid an early trip to Ponderosa. While the writing appeared to be on the wall for Jake O’Kane courtesy of his mistake at the last Tribal Council, it was Kellie Nalbandian who joined Kaleb Gebrewold as 45 year survivor second Juror.

And Kellie’s exclusion may take the cake in a season full of terrible voting ceremonies.

So how did the critical care nurses’ campaign for $1 million end up? Let’s go into “Following a Dead Horse to Water.”

The alliance of all women together and the beloved Survivor auction back

After the dust settled on night 14, the 10 players returned to Dakuwaqa beach after Sifu Alsup and Kaleb were sent packing in Tribal Councils back. The episode focused on Jake’s decision to team up with Kaleb in an attempt to turn the tables on Julie Alley. However, Katurah Topps, who voted alongside Julie, Austin Li Coon, and Dee Valladares, spoiled the boys’ plan.

Jake’s rogue mission put him in the crosshairs of the “Reba 4” (Julie, Dee, Austin, and Drew Basile), and while Jake tried to patch things up with Julie, it was clear that the 26-year-old attorney possible decision age. last game mistake.

But, Jake was placed even better than his closest ally, Bruce Perreault.

The next day, the six remaining women – Dee, Julie, Kellie, Katurah, Kendra McQuarrie, and Emily Flippen – gathered under the shelter with the four men away, and agreed to an all-female alliance with Bruce as their first goal. .

Although Kellie was adamant during the last episode about keeping Bruce around, her mood has changed. She admitted that because of their working relationship, she was linked to the 47-year-old, which did not affect her game. From day one, Bruce’s goals continued to rise in large part due to his tendency to annoy his teammates. Kellie recognized that most of the contestants planned to write her name down, and she hoped to distance herself from the perceived liability.

Later, a boat with Fijian locals arrived and the players were informed that Survivor classic – the auction – was back. But, in short, the contestants had to scour the jungle surrounding their camp to fill bamboo tubes with cash to increase their purchasing power for the upcoming reward challenge.

Once all the tubes were found, they made their way to see host Jeff Probst. It was the first time we saw the Survivor auction from season 30 in 2015, and some important changes were made. First, there were no advantages up or grabs. Also, the players didn’t care about the number of covered plates they would have to bid on. And perhaps the biggest twist, the contestant with the most money by the time the auction closed lost his vote for Tribal Council on the 16th.

From french fries to beer, and fish eyes to chocolate cake, most of the castaways enjoyed some much-needed calories during the challenge. But, unfortunately for Bruce, he lost his vote when the 10th and final item was purchased.

Kellie fell to the ‘Reba 4’ after being voted out by her original Belo mates

Back at camp, Emily revealed to Drew that the all-female alliance was brewing and that she wanted to continue working closely alongside him, which she had been doing since the first tribal swap. In confession, Drew said that his goal was also to eliminate Bruce during that round of play, hence his plan aligned with the women.

With guns pointed at him from all sides, Bruce was the next target entering the Immunity Challenge. But, they got lucky when they reached the strength-based competition.

Drew, Katurah, Emily, and Dee chose to sit out in exchange for a large bag of communal rice.

The rest of the team then battled for Immunity in a match that required them to hold on to a rope attached to a wooden block that was proportional to a percentage of their body weight prior to the match. By the end of the grueling challenge, Bruce and Julie (the two oldest contestants) had battled to safety and Bruce came out on top.

Safe from the threat of extinction, Bruce could rest that night, even without a vote. But, his friend Jake couldn’t.

With Bruce safe and Jake bonding with the Reba 4 for his last trip to the ballot box, the Bostonian topped several players’ hit lists, including his old Belo tribesmen Kellie, Kendra, and Katurah. Knowing this, Jake scoured the camp for a hidden Immunity Idide, but no luck was on his side. So, Jake moved on (without much success) by asking Bruce about the possibility of him playing his idol.

The ridges then proceeded to Tribal Council and apparently Jake’s funeral.

Although he pitched, Jake said his gut told him his neck was firmly under the guillotine.

When it was time to vote, Jake chose to use his Shot in the Dark, canceling his vote. After Jeff returned with the urn, Jake stood up and had the advantage. But, unlike Kaleb, Jake’s one-in-6 chance didn’t pan out as Jeff revealed the “It’s not safe” parchment.

Jeff then began reading the votes. And not surprisingly, the first three were for Jake.

But, when it looked like Jake’s torch was about to be snuffed out, Jeff pulled out a piece of parchment with Kellie’s name on it, and then another, and then another. In total, Kellie received five votes, and since Jake and Bruce lost their votes, that was enough to send the 29-year-old to Ponderosa.

Kellie, Katurah, and Kendra, who all voted for Jake, were completely blindsided by the result and showed their dramatic reactions.

Little did they know that earlier in the day, Drew had pulled his allies Reba 4 and Emily aside and put Kellie’s name as a target. The team knew that Jake would probably play a Shot in the Dark, and there was a chance that Bruce would give him his Idol. So, they chose to reverse course and focus on another threat and ex-Bello — Kellie.

Surprised, Kellie slowly made her way to Jeff, and put out her fire.

Coming in 9th overall, Kellie is the second original Belo to bite the dust and unfortunately for her, she’ll have to watch the rest of the Tribal Councils play out from the sidelines.

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