Who did America free by giving Rs 50 thousand crores to Iran?

Iran has released 5 American prisoners and they have left for their homes. A few days ago, there was a deal between Iran and America that in exchange for Iran releasing the prisoners, America would give some relaxation in the restrictions imposed on its money. Now this deal seems to be moving forward. The prisoners freed from Iran’s capital Tehran have reached Qatar. In return, Iran will get Rs 50 thousand crores.

How did the deal happen?

In fact, in 2019, Donald Trump’s government had imposed fresh sanctions on Iran. At that time South Korea owed thousands of crores of rupees to Iran. South Korea stopped the money after America’s ban. Iran has agreed to release American citizens at the same price that a part of this amount will be defrozen. It means that this money will be able to come into Iran’s account and Iran will also be able to use it.

Under the recent deal, the money was first to be converted into euros and sent to Qatar. This work has been done. And now the amount will be transferred to Iran. The released American citizens have also flown from Tehran to Qatar where they met American officials and diplomats at the airport.

America had said that the money received by Iran would be monitored. It can be used only to buy medicines and food items. At that time, Iran also replied that there will be no monitoring of our money. It’s our money, we can use it wherever we want.

According to the New York Times report, talks on this deal were going on for the last two years. Apart from Qatar, Oman and Switzerland also mediated. Only then the matter was resolved.

Who was released?

A total of five people have been released, out of which the identity of three has been revealed –

1. Siamak Namazi. Was arrested in 2015. Received 10 years imprisonment on charges of espionage.

2. Imad Sarghi. In 2021, he was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment. The charge was of espionage.

3. Murad Tahbaz. Went to visit Iran in 2018. Arrested. Espionage case started. He also got 10 years imprisonment.

The identity of the remaining two prisoners has not been revealed. It is being said that they were also serving their sentence in the espionage case. US President Joe Biden has said that freeing Americans is our top priority.

Iran has been using prisoners for decades to get its demands met. The biggest example is from 1979. After the Islamic Revolution, supporters of Supreme Leader Khomeini captured the US Embassy in Tehran. The hostages were released after 444 days. In return for the release, Iran had agreed to several issues from the US, including lifting the ban on seized assets and non-interference in internal matters.

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