Where even mosquitoes can’t reach, fly billions of rupees! Your mind will go numb after watching these 5 series based on theft and robbery – top 5 must watch heist web series on ott like money heist

Heist means theft. Thoughtful planning, months of preparation, a group of criminals, a crime story that leaves everyone in a tizzy, which thrills and sometimes even scares. In the world of OTT, ‘Money Heist’ has created a unique interest among the audience for heist stories. The situation is that the audience now wants to search and watch such shows. The heist-heist plot has always been very beneficial for big screen as well as web shows. This is because everyone from the director to the actor has a lot to say and do in such stories. Action, emotion, comedy, thriller, romance, drama, all these spices together weave an excellent heist story. Jimmy Shergill’s recent release on ‘Netflix’, ‘Chuna’ is also the story of a similar desi heist. But if you are looking for such a web series, which will give you fun like ‘Money Heist’, then just take a look at these 5 web series, believe me you will go crazy.

The Great Heist

the great heist

‘The Great Heist’ is a Spanish web series released in 2020. This series is also very similar to ‘Money Heist’. But the difference is that its story is based on true events, whereas ‘Money Heist’ is a fictional story. The web series shows the true incident of theft that took place in the year 1994. If you like ‘Money Heist’ then you will definitely like this web series. ‘The Great Heist’ web series is available on the OTT platform Netflix.

Hatton Garden Heist

hatton garden heist

Like ‘The Great Heist’, ‘Hatton Garden Heist’ is also a web series based on true events. This series is available on Amazon Prime Video. The story of ‘Hatton Garden Heist’, one of the best web series on heist in the world, is very interesting. There are four thieves. The plot is of the year 2015, when these four took advantage of the holidays in London and stole 40 million pounds by breaking into the underground safe of a bank. The series shows how the entire planning was done. However, looking at this, it would be interesting to know whether these four are caught after the theft or not.

The Kill Point

The Kill Point

‘The Kill Point’ is an American robbery crime web series. The story of this series, released in the year 2022, is based on bank theft. Once you start watching this story full of suspense and mystery, you will not be able to stop watching till the end. Kill Point is available on Amazon Prime Video. The series depicts a group of American marines who have recently returned from Iraq. The group plans to rob three major banks in Pittsburgh.

The Endgame

‘The Endgame’ is somewhat similar to ‘The Blacklist’ as the lead characters in both series constantly harass law enforcement officers. This isn’t a surprise either, since both are NBC shows. In ‘The Endgame’ there is not just one, but many heists. The series is like a game of cat-and-mouse between a heist mastermind and an FBI agent. Especially the interesting revelations at the end of the series surprise you. This web series is available on the OTT platform Hulu.



The list of the best web series based on theft and robbery is incomplete without ‘Kaleidoscope’. This series is not only an excellent thriller, but you will also be impressed by its creativity. The special thing is that you can watch the episodes of this series in reverse order. The climax will change depending on the order in which the audience watches the episodes. As the story progresses, things get more interesting in Kaleidoscope. This web series is available on Netflix.

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