What To Watch This Weekend? From Oppenheimer To Dumb Money & The Santa Clauses

From Oppenheimer To Dumb Money & The Santa Clauses, Here Are Some New Titles To Watch Online This Weekend (Photo Credit –IMDb)

Embark on a weekend streaming adventure with our carefully curated picks! In a week brimming with stellar content, the much-anticipated release of Oppenheimer stood out as a cinematic gem finally gracing streaming platforms. Alongside a plethora of other impressive releases, your weekend entertainment is practically curated to perfection.

Exclusively excluding the not-so-great shows and movies from this list ensures you won’t be bogged down by lackluster content. Brace yourself for the onset of early Christmas releases, a trend set to continue and escalate in frequency throughout the coming weeks. This delightful festive infusion is sure to set the stage for a holiday mode that will carry us through the Christmas season.

From Oppenheimer to Dumb Money and The Santa Clauses, scroll below to know what’s new this weekend, and get ready for a journey that promises to keep you captivated from start to finish.



From Oppenheimer To Dumb Money & The Santa Clauses, Here Are Some New Titles To Watch Online This Weekend
Oppenheimer Poster (Photo Credit –IMDb)

Available on Peacock and Prime Video

“Oppenheimer” delivers a riveting experience, even after transitioning from theaters to the streaming scene on Peacock and Prime Video. Whether you’re versed in the plot or not, buckle up for a gripping ride through World War II. Lt. Gen. Leslie Groves Jr. strategically places physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer on the classified Manhattan Project, leading to a meticulously crafted atomic bomb and the groundbreaking nuclear explosion on July 16, 1945. The movie delves deeply into Oppenheimer’s brilliance, skillfully navigating the complexities of quantum mechanics while addressing moral dilemmas in both his public and private spheres. Nolan’s direction shines as a cinematic masterpiece, with Cillian Murphy delivering an impeccable portrayal of Oppenheimer and Robert Downey Jr.’s captivating performance as Lewis Strauss. Undoubtedly, “Oppenheimer” emerges as the cinematic standout of the decade.

Dumb Money

From Oppenheimer To Dumb Money & The Santa Clauses, Here Are Some New Titles To Watch Online This Weekend
Dumb Money Poster (Photo Credit –IMDb)

Available on Netflix

In the hands of director Craig Gillespie and the brilliant writing duo Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo, this biographical comedy-drama draws inspiration from Ben Mezrich’s gripping 2021 book, “The Antisocial Network.” It artfully chronicles the tumultuous GameStop short squeeze of January 2021, unraveling an extraordinary real-life tale where everyday individuals boldly challenge Wall Street conventions, transforming the humble GameStop into a global sensation.

At the center of this narrative is the unassuming Keith Gill, portrayed with nuance by Paul Dano. Gill sparks a financial revolution by investing his life savings in GameStop and sharing his journey online. As social media amplifies his posts, the film masterfully captures the unfolding chaos in the lives of Gill and his followers. What begins as a stock tip evolves into a populist movement, ushering in widespread prosperity.

However, the plot takes a dramatic turn as billionaires retaliate, plunging both sides into a tumultuous upheaval. Despite the wild nature of the story, the film maintains a degree of restraint, yet it remains thoroughly captivating. The ensemble cast delivers enjoyable performances, each character contributing their best to the narrative. Anchored by a lively and brisk pace, the movie skillfully transforms the seemingly dry and simplistic concept of a financial uprising into a dynamic and entertaining comedy.

Notably, Schuker Blum and Angelo’s script adds vividness and visceral energy to the narrative, resurrecting the oppressive atmosphere of the pivotal pandemic period with poignant realism. In summary, this film transcends expectations, weaving together a compelling narrative with stellar performances and a nuanced exploration of a financial revolution that captivated the world.

Never Been Chris’d

From Oppenheimer To Dumb Money & The Santa Clauses, Here Are Some New Titles To Watch Online This Weekend
Never Been Chris’d Poster (Photo Credit –IMDb)

Available on Hallmark Channel

In this holiday cinematic tale, Janel Parrish and Pascal Lamothe-Kipnes step into the roles of inseparable best friends and business partners, Naomi and Liz. As they return to their quaint hometown for the festive season, the narrative unfolds at a critical juncture, exploring the intersections of their business ventures and burgeoning adult lives.

The plot takes an intriguing twist when, on their first night back, they unexpectedly cross paths with their shared high school crush, Chris Silver, skillfully portrayed by Tyler Hynes. The ensuing romantic sparks between the trio set off a chain reaction of dramatic events, compelling Naomi and Liz to reassess the trajectories of their current endeavors.

Within this cinematic canvas, the film artfully captures the palpable chemistry shared between Chris and the two leading women, adding depth and nuance to the narrative. As the characters navigate the complexities of love and self-discovery, the storyline becomes a poignant exploration of the delicate balance between personal and professional aspirations during the holiday season.

God Is A Bullet

From Oppenheimer To Dumb Money & The Santa Clauses, Here Are Some New Titles To Watch Online This Weekend
God Is a Bullet Poster (Photo Credit –IMDb)

Available on Apple TV & Amazon Prime Video

Crafted and helmed by Nick Cassavetes, this gripping action thriller stands as an adaptation of Boston Teran’s 1999 novel, sharing the evocative title, “GOD IS A BULLET.” Central to the storyline is detective Bob Hightower, brought to life with depth by the intense portrayal of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. The narrative takes a chilling twist as Hightower confronts the harrowing reality of his ex-wife’s murder and his daughter’s abduction by a mysterious cult.

In a resolve to rescue his daughter, Hightower takes a bold leap into the covert world of the cult, infiltrating its enigmatic folds. Collaborating with Case Hardin, compellingly brought to life by Maika Monroe, and aided by The Ferryman, played by Jamie Foxx, the trio embarks on a treacherous expedition into the concealed intricacies of the cult’s secrets.

Beyond the primary objective of saving Hightower’s daughter, the mission also aims to provide closure for Case, who has suffered profound losses at the hands of the cult and its unhinged leader, portrayed by Glusman. “GOD IS A BULLET” masterfully weaves a suspenseful narrative, delving into the profound lengths a determined detective and his unexpected allies are willing to go to confront the shadows that have taken so much from them.

You’re Not Supposed to Be Here

From Oppenheimer To Dumb Money & The Santa Clauses, Here Are Some New Titles To Watch Online This Weekend
You’re Not Supposed to Be Here Poster (Photo Credit –IMDb)

Available on Hulu

In the hands of director Nicole L Thompson and the creative minds of writers Lauren Caster and Erica Lane, the narrative unfolds around the complex intersection of work and family life for Zoe (Chrishell Stause) and Kennedy (Diora Baird), a pregnant lesbian couple. Their quest for solace takes a turn when Kennedy’s boss offers them a retreat in a secluded cabin in the woods.

As they step into the picturesque setting of a remote mountain town, the warm welcome they anticipated is replaced by a chilly reception from the locals. Zoe’s discomfort grows as she grapples with the scrutinizing looks, prompting her to question whether the unwelcome attention is a result of their same-sex relationship. Kennedy, chalking it up to pregnancy hormones, attempts to provide reassurance.

However, the tranquility of their retreat takes an abrupt shift into a nightmarish ordeal. Unprepared for the challenges that unfold, the couple realizes that the townspeople harbor desires for something unique to them. Thompson, Caster, and Lane intricately weave a tale that explores not only the complexities of relationships, but also the unforeseen perils that lurk beneath the surface of seemingly idyllic retreats.


The Buccaneers

From Oppenheimer To Dumb Money & The Santa Clauses, Here Are Some New Titles To Watch Online This Weekend
The Buccaneers Poster (Photo Credit –IMDb)

Available on Apple TV Plus

In the realm of period drama, “The Buccaneers,” a television series curated by Katherine Jakeways, draws inspiration from the unfinished novel of the same name by American writer Edith Wharton, published posthumously in 1938. Having premiered exclusively on Apple TV+ on November 8, 2023, the show unravels a narrative that delves into the clash of cultures triggered by the introduction of American women into 1870s London society.

The storyline unfolds against the backdrop of two distinct perspectives on tradition as five socially unconventional yet affluent American women navigate the intricacies of London’s aristocratic circles. Encountering closed doors in New York society, they set sail for London, where financially strained aristocrats are open to exchanging British titles for Yankee wealth. Jakeways skillfully weaves a tale that not only explores the nuances of societal traditions, but also illuminates the adventures of these bold American women in the lavish tapestry of 1870s London.

The Santa Clauses

From Oppenheimer To Dumb Money & The Santa Clauses, Here Are Some New Titles To Watch Online This Weekend
The Santa Clauses Poster (Photo Credit –IMDb)

Available on Disney Plus

Jack Burditt brings forth “The Santa Clauses,” a Christmas comedy series exclusively designed for Disney+. With roots deeply entwined in The Santa Clause film series, this creation serves as a sequel to the 2006 masterpiece, “The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.” The ensemble cast features the reprisal of iconic roles by Tim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell, Eric Lloyd, and David Krumholtz. Steering the ship, Jack Burditt dons the hats of both showrunner and executive producer, injecting his creative prowess into the Yuletide narrative.


From Oppenheimer To Dumb Money & The Santa Clauses, Here Are Some New Titles To Watch Online This Weekend
Culprits Poster (Photo Credit –IMDb)

Available on Disney Plus

In the realm of televised drama, J Blakeson unveils a gripping heist series. Following a high-stakes robbery, a cadre of elite criminals endeavors to sever ties with their pasts. Yet, the plot thickens as a tenacious assassin singles them out. Amidst unraveling the mystery of this relentless pursuit, they must swiftly reunite to safeguard not only themselves but also those they hold dear.

The Newsreader

From Oppenheimer To Dumb Money & The Santa Clauses, Here Are Some New Titles To Watch Online This Weekend
The Newsreader Poster (Photo Credit –IMDb)

Available on Apple TV Plus

In this Australian television drama, Michael Lucas introduces a compelling series featuring lead talents Anna Torv and Sam Reid. Transporting viewers to a 1980s Australian newsroom, the narrative intricately weaves the personal and professional lives of journalists and crew. The storyline orbits around Dale and Helen as they navigate surging public prominence, intensifying office dynamics, and the formidable presence of a new CEO. Set against the backdrop of a critical general election, the News at Six team, under the leadership of Dale and Helen, confronts the formidable task of six uninterrupted hours on air, with their rival Geoff Walters at the helm of the competition. With a concise six-episode structure, this series masterfully captures the essence of a tumultuous era.



From Oppenheimer To Dumb Money & The Santa Clauses, Here Are Some New Titles To Watch Online This Weekend
Klem Poster (Photo Credit – IMDb)

Directed by Frank Ketelaar, this Dutch flick snagged the esteemed Golden Film accolade with a solid 100,000 tickets sold. Born from its TV series namesake, the story tracks Marius and Kitty, now calling Italy home and being the proud owners of a Tuscan vineyard. While Marius appears to be stepping up his game, the plot thickens as Hugo bids a cheerful adieu to reunite his daughter Suus with pal Chrissie. Yet, a shadow of uncertainty looms large over the vineyard deal, suggesting unexpected hurdles ahead.

In closing, I have confidence that within this selection of meticulously curated shows and movies, you’ll discover a captivating choice to enhance your weekend. Seize the remote and immerse yourself in the viewing experience, but a word of caution: the irresistible allure of the content may lead you to unintentionally forsake meals and sleep.

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