What Happened When Darth Vader Fought Eight Jedi In The Star Wars Comics?

In 1977, George Lucas introduced the world to Darth Vader, the relentlessly menacing villain who constantly hovered over the original Star wars a trilogy.

Although Lucas showed how brutal Vader could be, the character’s cruelty was restrained when considering his fearsome appearance and powerful reputation. However, that changed years later. Vader hall massacre at the end of Rogue One which was a stark reminder of how deadly the character is; let us also not forget his appearance at the end of the Fallen Order, where he acts as the final boss … but the player can not really beat him, and the objective is to literally run away. In fact, Vader has become scarier and scarier over the years; however, prior to recent media, the character’s vicious streak was on full display in the comics.

Image via Dark Horse Comics

In 2005, the year Revenge of the Sith completed the prequel trilogy, Dark Horse Comics released Star Wars: Purge, a one-shot comedy that takes place a month after the film. The Jedi Order is crushed. The Republic has fallen. And Darth Vader is mad, very mad.

Obsessed with getting revenge against Obi-Wan Kenobi, Cleaning Vader looks for any kind of lead as to where his former master might be. Anakin Skywalker’s anger and impatience can still be felt in the pages of the comic; this is not a flat headed Vader. He is brave, wrathful, and filled with complete arrogance, so much so that the Emperor Palpatine is constantly advised to warn.

Vader’s cocksure nature is used against him when a band of Jedi use his desire for revenge against him. False rumors about Obi-Wan on the planet lure Vader to the same planet, where eight Jedi await him.

The Jedi present – Shadday Potkin, Butlar Swan, Sia-Lan Wezz, Ma’Kis’shaalas, Koffi Arana, Tsui Choi, Robilo Darte, and Jastus Farr – differ greatly in skill and belief. Jedi like Koffi believe that the only way to fight the Empire is to fight the Dark Side. Others, like Choi and Swan, would not dare cross that line and remain committed to traditional Jedi teachings. The result of this disparity of opinion is the inevitable downfall of the group.

Vader hits the scene and immediately shouts, “Where’s Obi-Wan Kenobi?!” Talk about an entrance. He quickly kills Xia-Lan loaded – and then there were seven. Ma’kis is the next to fall, but this is when the numbers start to overwhelm Vader. Although the Sith is able to push Koffi away, he is stabbed in the back by Farr. Vader is put on the back foot, and his lights are even deactivated by a blade of cortosis. The shadow of the day is wearing. However, Vader just pulls her to him and she pulls her neck with one hand. He takes the blade and deactivates a few screensavers before getting his arm cut off (seriously, what’s up with the Skywalker family losing their arms). A slash to his leg nearly brings Vader to his knees. At this point, the Jedi have the perfect opportunity to take down the Sith, but things go south quickly.

In the end, luck and clone troopers saved Vader

Darth Vader and clone troopers
Image via Dark Horse Comics

Darth Vader’s epic legend might have ended right then and there on Kessel, saving countless lives in the process, if the Jedi weren’t so dang flip-floppy. When Vader announces surrender, Swan and Choi are tempted to accept because Jedi do not kill unarmed prisoners. However, Koffi sees right through the ruse and goes mad. With his lightsaber deactivated, he takes Swan and leaps for the kill. Vader has one of his most creative kills next. He swam his hand (the one that had been cut off and was still holding the cortosis blade) directly into Koffi’s torso. And then there were three.

The remaining Jedi have finally had enough and use the Force to blast Vader with debris. After he rammed right in the face with a chunk of stone, the Sith falls to his knees but still talking some smack. When the Jedi finally decide that Vader must die, Clone troops come in and start exploding. Vader mocks the power of the Dark Side as he freezes Choi in mid-air, giving the clones a perfect shot. Although the Jedi throws his lightsaber in a last-ditch attempt to kill Vader, it only cuts the Sith leadership in half.

In total, Vader was able to kill four Jedi by himself. The fight at Kessel, even though Vader nearly killed him, was also used for Imperial propaganda. Palpatine uses the battle to spread stories about how Vader killed fifty Jedi, further cementing Vader’s terrifying image.

Star Wars: Purge, although now labeled as Legends (non-canon), all fans should have a chance. The comic not only shows how ruthless Vader can be, but also shows the Jedi’s bravery and how his tentative nature can be his greatest weakness.

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