What could be bigger tension than India-Pakistan match? You will feel pity for Babar Azam’s words

What a wonderful thing if you get a free ticket for a cricket match for which you wait for four years! You are right, we are talking about the India-Pakistan match. By the way, almost all the tickets would have been sold by now. But where do Jugaadhu Bhai people accept defeat? Jugaads ranging from ‘God will do good to you’ to high recognition are being employed. Even cricketers are being called. Its pressure is also visible on them.

Today Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam was holding a press conference. He told that there is more pressure to arrange tickets for people than to win the match against India. He is receiving calls one after the other in which people are asking to get tickets for the match.

In this press conference held a day before the India-Pakistan match, Babar said that he is under pressure to provide more tickets for the match. Babar alone is not worried

There always were, there are and always will be relatives and friends who wanted free tickets. And Babar Azam is not the only one who is troubled by those asking for tickets. Just a few days ago, Indian player Virat Kohli had also posted an Instagram story. In this story he had requested his friends not to ask for tickets during the match. He had written- “Please enjoy the match from your homes.”

Talking about the match, Babar Azam said, “This is not a match to take pressure for us. As a team, we can do our best in batting and bowling.”

The match between India and Pakistan is to be held on Saturday from 2 pm. The craze of this match is not hidden from anyone. However, the past is not important for Babar.

According to an ANI news, he said, “I think we can do well. India-Pakistan match is intense. Fans are coming in large numbers. I think we have an opportunity to perform well in front of the fans. India-Pak match is going to be very exciting.”

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