Weak prospects for electric cars – manufacturers focus on exports

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MUNICH (dpa-AFX) – Data from the online portal Carwow suggests that new registrations of electric cars will remain comparatively weak in the coming months. For several months, the company recorded a much lower share of electric cars in the vehicle configurations on its site. In the first quarter, it was about a quarter to a third less than in the first three quarters of 2022.

To be sure, configurations are not directly reflected in vehicle orders and customers on Carwow do not necessarily correspond to the average car buyer. However, significant changes in configuration behavior are a good indication of changing customer interest. Since delivery times of half a year or more are not common for electric cars, no significant increase in new registrations of electric cars is likely in the coming months.

After a very strong December, new e-car registrations fell sharply at the start of the year. An important reason for this is the maximum limit of government subsidies. Experts have therefore already predicted a significant drop in new electric cars for the current year.

In terms of electric car production, however, Germany is on the verge of setting a new annual record. “We expect the domestic production of electric passenger cars to increase by 50 percent to 1.33 million units, of which 980,000 will be purely battery electric cars,” said Hildegard Müller, president of -German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), “Automobilwoche.” According to the report, a total of 885,000 electric passenger cars had left the production line in Germany in 2022, of which 300,000 were plug-in hybrids.

The reasons for this ramp-up of the production of electric cars are production facilities with increasing production, such as Tesla in Grünheide near Berlin or Mercedes-Benz in Bremen, as well as new electronic models. “The driver on the demand side,” emphasized the president of the VDA, is exports. “On the other hand, less impetus is coming from the domestic market due to the partial reduction in subsidies at the beginning of the year.”/ruc/hgo/DP/he

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