USA: ‘Enough is enough’, voices raised in America against providing financial aid to Ukraine, Biden still in support – Republicans White House Vow To Oppose Further Ukraine Aid, Joe Biden Supports Ukraine Volodmyr Zelensky


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is on a visit to America, where he met US President Joe Biden on Thursday. During this, Joe Biden promised to continue providing economic and defense assistance to Ukraine. At the same time, Zelensky expressed concern to Biden that if the Republic cuts its aid, Ukraine may lose in the fight against Russia.

Biden promised to continue support

The President of Ukraine met Joe Biden in the Oval Office. During this, Zelensky said that we appreciate America’s help against Russian terrorism. Zelensky also thanked the US Parliament for its support. Biden also praised the bravery of the Ukrainian people for standing strong against Russia. Biden also said that the American people are committed to ensuring that the world stands with Ukraine. America has announced to provide important air defense system to Ukraine. White House security adviser Jack Sullivan said he expected Ukraine to continue to receive strong bi-partisan support from the US Congress.

Voices raised against giving aid to Ukraine

After the war with Russia, the President of Ukraine has visited America for the second time. Although when Ukrainian President Zelensky reached America in December 2022 last year, he was welcomed like a hero, but this time the situation seemed a little changed. In fact, in the US Congress, the ruling Democratic Party and the opposition Republican Party are at loggerheads over increasing expenditure. In such a situation, the financial aid of 24 billion dollars to Ukraine may be in trouble. The Republican Party has already expressed its displeasure over the continuous financial aid being given to Ukraine and the news of corruption coming from there. Zelensky is also demanding America to provide long-range missiles, but America has not announced it yet.

Many MPs opposed giving more financial aid to Ukraine

According to media reports, former President Donald Trump is also against providing further financial aid to Ukraine. Senator Roger Marshall is also against giving further economic aid to Ukraine and six other senators have also issued a letter appealing not to give further aid to Ukraine. He has written that now enough is enough. Let us tell you that Poland has also refused to give weapons to Ukraine.

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