Us Shutdown: Shutdown crisis in America from October 1, bill brought to approve government expenditure rejected – Us Shutdown News: Republican Funding Effort Collapses In House, Leaving Government On Verge

US Shutdown News: Republican Funding Effort Collapses In House, Leaving Government On Verge

US President Joe Biden.
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The crisis of shutdown has increased in America. A bill brought to release one month’s expenditure amount (stopgap) for the federal government was rejected in the lower house of the US Parliament on Friday. Through this bill, it was to be ensured that partial shutdown could be avoided from Sunday. But the Republican-dominated House of Representatives of the US Parliament rejected by 232 votes against 198 the proposal to partially release some funds to meet the expenses of President Joe Biden’s administration. The special thing is that the bill was brought by Republican MPs.

In this proposal, it was proposed to cut the expenses of the Biden administration by 30 percent and release funds to meet the expenses only for 30 days, so that the lawmakers could get more time to reach a consensus. All Democratic lawmakers and 21 Republicans sided with the proposal. It is not yet clear what further steps the members of the lower house are going to take in view of the shutdown of the federal government.

The Senate with majority of Democrats is preparing to bring a separate bill in this regard. However, Lower House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said the House would not approve the bill. McCarthy, speaking to the media after the Republican-backed bill was rejected, said it was not the end yet; They have other solutions too. However, he did not share information about the new measures. Let us tell you, McCarthy is from the Republican Party.

If American lawmakers do not reach a consensus in this regard soon and funds are not found for the expenses, then the National Park Service will be closed. The Securities and Exchange Commission would have to cease most of its regulatory activities and would face a pay crisis for 4 million federal employees.

All non-essential services will be closed

According to media reports, with the implementation of the shutdown in America from October 1, all non-essential services will be closed. This shutdown may continue until a bill related to releasing funds to the government for expenses is passed in the US Parliament or the government does not get approval to take additional loans. If this happens, it could have an impact on the US economy as well as the economies around the world.

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