US mummy to be buried after 128 years Stoneman Willie’s body preserved by funeral home, was part of exhibit

8 hours ago

The body of a thief will be buried in America after 128 years. Stoneman Willie’s body remained on display for nearly 128 years. He died of kidney failure on 19 November 1895 in a prison in Pennsylvania, USA. The thief’s true identity is unknown, as he gave authorities a fake name at the time of his arrest.

The jail officials searched for the thief’s relatives for a long time. When they failed, his body was handed over to the funeral home.

Locals knew him as ‘Stoneman Willie’. A cremation specialist accidentally mummified his remains. The remains collected by the cremator after his death in 1985 were displayed at Auman’s funeral home. For this reason, the body of the thief remained a part of the exhibition for the last several years.

Willie’s last journey will take place on October 7 (Saturday). He will be buried in a local cemetery and his real name will be inscribed on his gravestone.

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