Urfi Javed Old Video Viral Users Cannot Recognize Actress See Then And Now Look – Urfi Javed’s years old video went viral, people got confused after seeing her face, said

Years old video of Urfi Javed went viral, people got confused after seeing her face, said - it is someone else!

Urfi Javed’s years old video goes viral

New Delhi :

Urfi Javed remains a topic of discussion on social media by doing something or the other. After leaving the first season of Bigg Boss OTT, Urfi created such a stir that today every child recognizes her. Urfi remains in the headlines for her unusual fashion sense. From plastic bags to children’s toys, Urfi has made her outfits from many things. Meanwhile, an old video of Urfi is going viral, in which she is seen completely changed.

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Urfi Javed himself shared this video on his social media account some time ago. If compared with today, Urfi looks quite changed in this video. After seeing Urfi, not only are the fans surprised, but they are also unable to believe that the girl seen in the video is Urfi. While sharing this video, Urfi had said that this is the video of her audition. In this video, Urfi’s weight has also increased and her features also look quite different. There have been different types of reactions from users on this video.

Commenting on the video, a user wrote, ‘Urfi Javed before plastic surgery’. So another user has written, ‘She was cute earlier, now the surgery has made her face strange’. Another user has written, ‘Isn’t she Urfi’s sister?’ Another user writes, ‘Her face was perfect before the surgery. Why don’t these people like beauty?

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