UP: Wife absconds with her lover, when her jailed husband got the news, he jumped out of the police van while going to appear, then… – Wife love affair with Prisoner her Husband escapes from police custody in search amorha encounter lclam

In Amroha, UP, a prisoner ran away by jumping from the police car. The policemen kept searching for him throughout the night. However, the next day the police arrested him in an encounter. He was shot in the leg during the encounter. After being caught, the policemen were surprised to hear the reason given by the prisoner for his escape. His story is no less than a film. Let us know the whole matter…

Actually, the incident happened two days ago when a criminal named Wajid Ali was being brought from Moradabad jail to Amroha by a police van. Meanwhile, he jumped from the moving van on Amroha-Joya road and ran away. There was a stir when a prisoner escaped from police custody. The police kept searching for Wajid throughout the night but he was not found. Here, three policemen including the driver of the van were suspended for negligence.

Wajid caught in encounter with police

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However, Wajid, who had absconded, could not escape the sight of the police for long. Last Tuesday, Amroha Police had an encounter with Wajid. In which he was shot in the leg and could not run away. Eventually, the police arrested him. After the arrest, Wajid was taken to the hospital and after treatment his statement was taken. During this, he told the reason due to which he had escaped from police custody.

Ran away to find his wife’s lover

According to a police officer, during interrogation, Wajid told that a year ago, while living in Moradabad jail, he had become friends with a criminal named Rizwan. Wajid’s wife often used to visit him in jail. Wajid also introduced his wife to Rizwan. After this Rizwan and Wajid’s wife came closer.

When Rizwan was released from jail, he disappeared with Wajid’s wife. Meanwhile, when Wajid came to know about this, he got furious. But because he was in jail he could not do anything. In such a situation, last Monday, when he was being brought to appear, he jumped from the police van and ran away. Wajid wanted to find his wife and her lover Rizwan and teach them a lesson.

It is being told that Wajid had many fights with Rizwan in jail over getting close to his wife. But Rizwan got bail before that and taking the opportunity he took away Wajid’s wife. Meanwhile, Wajid had escaped from police custody and was searching for both of them. But he was caught within a few hours. Police have found illegal pistol and cartridges from him.

Police gave this information

In the case, CO Satish Kumar said that the accused Wajid Ali, resident of Gangwar police station Rehra, who was brought before the court in Amroha on September 18, had escaped from police custody. He was arrested after an encounter by Amroha Dehat police station on 19 September. After thorough interrogation, it came to light that Wajid’s ex-wife had a relationship with another criminal Rizwan. There was mutual rivalry going on between Wajid and Rizwan regarding this.

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