UP: Nephew had illicit relations with aunt, when uncle became a hindrance, he made him drink alcohol and made him lie down on the railway track, this is how the sensational murder case was revealed – Illicit relationship between aunt and nephew When Uncle protested he was killed bareilly murder case revealed lclam

In Bareilly, UP, a nephew killed his maternal uncle due to his love affair with his maternal aunt. The police have arrested the murderer’s nephew, his associate and maternal aunt and sent them to jail. Police said that the wife of the person who was murdered was having an affair with her nephew. Aunt, nephew and his partner together had committed this murder. On September 20, they had killed the man by making him drink alcohol and making him lie on the railway tracks. Let’s know the whole story…

Actually, this entire incident took place in Fateganj East police station area of ​​Bareilly. Where a woman named Aarti was having an affair with her nephew Manvendra. Due to this matter, relations between Aarti and her husband Ramveer turned sour. Then the quarrel escalated to such an extent that Aarti, along with Manvendra and one of his associates, got Ramveer murdered.

This is how the wife got her husband murdered

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Let us tell you that last week Ramveer’s body was found lying near the railway crossing. Prima facie the police thought that he had died after being hit by a train. But when the investigation into the brother’s complaint began, the police found shocking information. The police came to know that the wife of deceased Ramveer was having an affair with a young man named Manvendra for many years. When the investigation was carried forward on this basis, a sensational murder case was exposed.

Police arrested all three murderers

According to the police, on Aarti’s request, Manvendra called Ramveer and then made him unconscious by making him drink alcohol. After this he was put on the railway track. Due to which Ramveer died after being hit by the train. When the police detained Aarti and Manvendra, they first made up a story but both broke down during strict interrogation. He confessed to the murder of Ramveer.

Aarti said- husband used to trouble me

Aarti told that Ramveer used to harass her. She was not happy with him and wanted to live with Manvendra. That’s why he got Manvendra to kill him. Manvendra had also included his friend in this conspiracy. At present, all three have been arrested.

Giving information about the case, SP Dehat Mukesh Mishra said – The case of murder of a person named Ramveer has been exposed. A total of 3 accused have been arrested. The name of one of the accused is Manvendra, who is a distant nephew of the deceased. Manvendra had also included a person named Saurabh in this conspiracy. Along with this, the police has also arrested the deceased’s wife Aarti. The reason behind the murder was the love affair of deceased Ramveer’s wife with her distant nephew.

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