three youths climbed on the water tank to demand the release of Congress leader Naresh Meena police brought them down |Dholpur News: 3 youths climbed on the water tank to demand the release of Congress leader Naresh Meena

Dholpur, Sarmathura: There is no sign of stopping the protest by the youth demanding the release of Congress leader Naresh Meena. In which three youths climbed onto the water tank built in the sub-division office in Sarmathura town with petrol bottles, demanding the release of Congress leader Naresh Meena. He warned that if Naresh Meena was not released from jail, he would commit suicide. As soon as the information about the three youths climbing the water tank was received, a huge crowd of people gathered at the spot.



There was a stir in the subdivision administration on the news of youth climbing on the water tank. On this information, Sarmathura police station in-charge Kripal Singh also reached the spot of police arrest. And after several hours of persuasion, the police brought down the three youths. After this, the police administration took a sigh of relief and presented all three before SDM Sarmathura, on which the SDM banned them.

Memorandum submitted to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot

The youth submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to SDM Rekha Meena regarding their demands. In which the youth demanded that the administration, first of all, should cancel one of the FIRs lodged against Naresh Meena for a crime at the same time in two different police stations on the same day and investigate the cases related to Naresh. there is a change of officer

Second demand: The administration should stop harassing the common youth of Baran on daily basis and police repression should stop. Also, the fake cases against the youth should be withdrawn. Third demand: If a conspiracy has been hatched to arrest Naresh Meena back after getting bail… it is better to show Naresh Meena’s arrest from jail in other cases so that we can get bail in all the cases at once. Fourth Naresh Meena’s HS has been opened illegally under political pressure, it should be closed, the police officer who had sent Mansingh Meena to the line should be immediately reinstated in the same police station. A large number of youth were present during this

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