Thousands of Ukrainian soldiers surrender, Volga is the code word for laying down their arms. russia ukraine war thousand soldiers surrender to russia volga code word

There is a war going on between Russia and Ukraine for the last one and a half years, in which many Ukrainian soldiers are now surrendering to the Russian army. The number of soldiers who surrendered has crossed ten thousand.

Thousands of Ukrainian soldiers surrendered, Volga is the code word for laying down their arms

Russia-Ukraine war

More than one and a half years have passed since the Russia-Ukraine war. Thousands of people of the Ukrainian army have laid down their arms before the Russian army. The number of soldiers who surrendered in the last two to two and a half months has crossed ten thousand. According to Russian Army officials, a large number of Ukrainian Army are surrendering simultaneously.

In some cases, entire companies are surrendering to the Russian Army along with their weapons and ammunition. Zaporizhia Governor Yevgeny Baliatsky has also confirmed the large-scale surrender.

What is the code word for surrender?

A special radio frequency is being used extensively in the surrender of Ukrainian army. Electronic warfare experts of the Russian Army have created radio frequency 149.200 on which any walkie-talkie can be contacted. Any Ukrainian soldiers who have to surrender to the Russian army contact their walkie-talkies on this radio frequency with the codeword Volga. Those soldiers are given safe routes and get a chance to lay down their weapons safely.

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According to Russian military officials, the soldiers are kept properly after surrender. In many cases, those soldiers were also put in touch with their families in Ukraine so that they could tell their families that they were alive and safe with the Russian army. The effect of this radio frequency has been so much that the message has spread among the people of Ukraine that if you want to stay alive and go back to your family, then surrender. The interesting thing is that the soldiers who surrendered took with them Western weapons. Guns and other weapons given from countries are also being handed over to the Russian Army.

These are the reasons for the surrender of soldiers

There are many reasons for the large-scale surrender of Ukrainian soldiers. Recently, in Ukraine, people who had no experience of war were forcibly recruited into the army on a large scale. To save their lives, these people have reached the frontline and are approaching the Russian Army to surrender. Apart from this, there is also a large number of people who are pro-Russian and were underground till now. In such cases the entire unit is surrendering. There are many of these people who are now participating in the fight along with the Russian Army. Apart from this, due to fear of Ukrainian soldiers being killed in large numbers and being defeated, the rest of the soldiers are considering surrender as a better option to stay alive.

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