This woman slept like Kumbhakarna, remained lying on the bed for 2 weeks, even forgot her birthday.

We must have heard about Kumbhakarna, who used to sleep for 6 months in a year. He had received such a boon from Lord Brahma that once he slept, his sleep never broke. This is what happened in the Puranas. But there is a woman in America, whose sleep is also like that of Kumbhakarna. She keeps sleeping continuously for 2 weeks. Last time, due to sleep, she even forgot her birthday. Family members came and had a party but she herself could not attend her birthday party. You might be wondering why this happened? So let us tell you that actually, she is suffering from sleeping beauty syndrome. Because of which he has to sleep continuously.

24 year old Bella Andrew is a nurse, but due to this rare disease she faces a lot of problems. Bela said, till a few years ago doctors used to say that I have the problem of attention seeking, due to which I live like this. But last month I came to know that I also have a problem called Kleine-Levin Syndrome. Because of this she keeps sleeping continuously. Sometimes she does not wake up from sleep for 2-2 weeks. Life has become scary because of this disease. I consider myself a ghost.

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Even if there is an explosion, it is not known
According to the New York Post, Bella currently lives in Devon with fiancee Meg Stone. He first experienced this in 2016, when he had drinks at a party; After that, when she came home and went to sleep, she did not sleep for 10 days. Since then, it has happened many times that once every four weeks she sleeps continuously for 10 to 12 days. Fiance Meg says that when Bella sleeps, she goes into a terrible sleep. Even if an explosion happens next to it, it will not be known.

He has been suffering from sleeping sickness for three weeks.
A few days ago, a similar case came to light in Britain also. A 21 year old girl named Rhoda Rodriguez Diaz had this disease. She used to sleep continuously for three weeks. Once because of this he missed his graduation exams. According to media reports, once she takes a nap, she continues to sleep for at least 21 hours. There is no cure for this till now. According to doctors, it is a neurological disease and the effect of Sleeping Beauty Syndrome reduces with age.


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