This Israeli village was ruined due to Hamas attack, dead bodies all around, read the condition of the village destroyed in the war.

Israel Hamas War: There is a scary scene all around after the attack on Israel by the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas. The stucco houses, whose walls and doors were kept neatly, are now completely open. And bags containing the bodies of the murdered residents are waiting for identification. The smell of death is mixed in the hot afternoon air.

According to news agency AP, the Israeli army is having to respond to the widespread attack launched by Hamas from the Gaza Strip. In this battle, hundreds of people have been killed in this country and the adjacent Palestinian area due to heavy Israeli bombardment. “This is not a battlefield,” Major General Itai Veruv, a 39-year-old Israeli army veteran who led forces that recaptured the village from militants, said Tuesday while standing amid the debris. This is a massacre.

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Terrorists committed brutality
He further said, ‘When you see children, mothers, fathers in their bedrooms, you become frightened. The terrorists killed with great barbarity. Kfar Azza is surrounded by fields and just minutes down a rural road from the heavily fortified fence imposed by Israel around Gaza. It was one of more than 20 towns and villages attacked by Palestinian fighters early Saturday.

On the outskirts of the city, the gate that once protected the residents has been destroyed by an explosion. Inside the settlement, militants blew up the doors of several houses using rocket-propelled grenades. Throughout the city, walls and burned-out cars are riddled with bullet holes, the path of violence continuing into bedrooms. Where blood stained mattresses are scattered.

sounds of bullets all around
Unexploded hand grenades were scattered on the ground outside. A few minutes away, a Hamas flag lay in the dirt near a paraglider that had been used in a terrorist airstrike. An AP reporter saw the bodies of about 20 militants, many of them badly bloated and mutilated. Hundreds of Israeli soldiers wearing helmets and body armor patrolled the city on Tuesday, as the sounds of explosions and gunfire echoed in the distance.

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Veruv, who retired from the army for eight years before being recalled on Saturday, said the scene was unlike any he had seen, even in a country that has clashed violently with Hamas and other terrorist groups. Clashes happen frequently. Major Doron Spielman, a military spokesman, agreed, comparing the casualties in Kfar Azza and nearby villages to the scenes he witnessed as a New Yorker after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. saw.

He said, ‘I remember going through 9/11 and waking up the next day, the next week, and everything had changed. It’s the same thing again. But what is worse is that we are a very small country.


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