This is a small generator – the TV fan will keep running non-stop whether there is electricity or not.

Portable Solar Generator: In today’s modern era, everything is available that runs on electricity. Therefore the need for electricity is also increasing. If for some reason there is a power cut, everyone faces a lot of problems. People become very upset due to power outage and many people even lose their jobs. But after power cut, installing a generator or inverter becomes very expensive.

Therefore, today we have brought such a generator for you which you will get at a very low price. You can run everything with this small generator including TV, fridge, cooler, fan etc. Its name is SR Portable Solar Generator.

You can also buy this solar generator online which you will get at a very low price. Apart from being cheap, it is also portable which you can easily take from one place to another. This small battery sized generator can be easily carried anywhere. You can run small devices like TV or laptop with it.

Know its specialty

The capacity of this Portable Solar Generator is 130 Watts and in it you are also given powerful LED light along with 100 Watt AC output, 2 AC connector ports, Lithium Ion battery. So that if you go out somewhere, you can burn it.

The price of this Portable Solar Generator is Rs 17,999. You can charge iPhone 8 about 8 times with this. You can charge it comfortably with sunlight. It is so small in size and so light in weight that you can keep it in the garden and carry it.

Apart from this, you can keep the LED bulb lit for 25 hours with this portable solar generator. Apart from this, a table fan can also be operated for more than 2 hours. Can run smart LED TV for more than 3 hours and any laptop for 4 hours. Therefore, it can be very useful in case of emergency when the lights go out.

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