This city is sinking into the ground because of its boon, the success of this city has become a disaster for the people.


A city blessed with minerals is slowly sinking into the ground. The situation is such that people here are asked to go out every day.
Even the schools and hospitals here have been damaged. In fact, this city has been blessed with a boon that very valuable minerals are present here, these minerals are used in making electric car batteries.


This mineral work has been going on here for a long time. The name of this city is Kiruna which is in Sweden and its population is 18000.

It is only 125 miles away from the Arctic Circle, due to which there is sunlight during summer nights and this is the reason why the minerals here are so valuable. The minerals present here are used in car batteries and wind mills. So that energy can be generated and mining can also be done.

A victim of success, the excavation in Kiruna is done by a government company. The mine present here is the largest iron mine in the world. Through it, 80 percent of the supply to the European Union is done from here, although now it seems that

As if the city itself has become a victim of its own success. Every day, 6 times more iron than is put in the Eiffel Tower comes out from here.
Due to which the ground has started sinking and the city is slowly leveling off.

Further buildings are being lifted with machines. According to reports, the walls of the hospital and the local school have cracked, which makes it clear that this city is no longer habitable. The city is now being settled two miles away. Its buildings will be demolished properly. It is being lifted from here and shifted there. The ancient church built in 1912 is also being lifted and taken to the city through machines. This city will be established at another place so that the situation can improve.

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