This 49 storey building has been lying vacant for 26 years, is famous by the name of ‘Ghost Tower’, people are prohibited from going inside!

Sathorn Unique Tower: There is a 49-storey skyscraper in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, which has been lying vacant for 26 years. The name of that building is Sathorn Unique Tower, which is Also called ‘Ghost Tower’. Some people believe that this building is haunted because it is built on a graveyard. People are prohibited from entering this building.

When did the construction of the building start?According to The Sun report, despite the prohibition, tourists still come to take pictures of this building or make videos for YouTube. It was quite popular among people until climbing the building was declared illegal in 2014. However, videos from inside and above the tower have been shared online. The construction of this 185 meter high tower started in 1990. Rooms were to be built in this building for rich Thai families, But construction stopped after 7 years.

Why did the construction of the building stop?

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This was the time when the entire region was badly affected by the Asian Financial Crisis, which started in Thailand, as the government devalued its currency. Then, due to this financial turmoil, 500 construction projects were stopped. Although these projects were later completed, the construction of Sathorn Unique Tower remained incomplete.

Along with a crumbling airport, known as Europe’s last ‘no man’s land’, Sathorn Unique in Cyprus is one of the world’s most fascinating abandoned buildings. Corporate advertising banners and wall paintings will be seen on this building. Sometimes encroachment of people is also seen in the building, to deal with which security is deployed around the building.

A horror movie has been made in the building

Architect and property developer Rangson Torsuwan was behind the initial work on Sathorn Unique. He was accused of attempting to assassinate Thailand’s Supreme Court President Pramson Chansue in 1993, before being found guilty 15 years later, but was acquitted on appeal in 2010. Later, his son Pansit took control of the Sathorn Unique Project.

The world’s oldest wooden weapon found here, you will be surprised by its age.

It is noteworthy that in December 2014, the body of a Swedish man was found hanging on the 43rd floor of this tower. A 2017 horror film titled ‘The Promise’ was filmed in this building.


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