There will be a huge fall in the price of gold from October 1, know the rate in advance

Gold price declined, hence the price of 22 carat gold became Rs 56,100 per 10 grams and the price of 24 carat gold became Rs 58,910 per 10 grams. The price of silver is Rs 77,000 per kg.

A person who buys and sells silver said that the price of silver has fallen today. Before today, people were selling silver at Rs 77,600 per kg, but today they are selling it at Rs 77,000 per kg. This means that people can save Rs 600 by buying silver today.

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The price of gold has declined. Manish Sharma said that the price of 22 carat and 24 carat gold has fallen by about Rs 250 and Rs 260 respectively. Yesterday the price of 22 carat 10 gram gold was Rs 56,350, but today its price is Rs 56,100. 24 carat gold was bought for Rs 59,170, but now its price is Rs 58,910. Therefore, prices have come down.

When you buy gold, be sure to look for a special mark called a hallmark. This mark is like a guarantee from the government that the gold is genuine. In India, there is a special agency called Bureau of Indian Standards which decides how the hallmark should look. Each type of gold has its own unique symbol. Therefore, before buying gold, make sure to check the hallmark and understand what it means.

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