There was a fierce fight in the Celebrity Cricket League, see viral VIDEO…

New Delhi. War of words is often seen between players in cricket matches. Players remain in a circle and take turns sniping. If the limit is crossed then strict action is taken against them. But now such an incident has come to light, seeing which people are both surprised and enjoying. Actually, there was a huge scuffle in the Celebrity Cricket League match of Bangladesh, the reason for which was the decision of the umpire. There was a lot of slapping during the match.

The team captained by filmmaker Mustafa Kamal and Dipankar Deepon were face to face in the group stage match of the Celebrity Cricket League. It is being told that there was an altercation between the two captains regarding the boundary. The umpire did not give a four, after which the controversy continued to escalate. Players of both the teams started fighting. Six people present there were injured and were admitted to the hospital. The video of this scuffle is going viral on social media.

Another video related to this match is in discussion, in which a Bangladeshi actress is giving her views regarding the boundary. The actress has accused the umpire of dishonesty. The actress cried and said, β€œThe umpire did not give a four.” It was clearly a boundary but the decision was wrong.” A user commented on the actress’ video, ”In other countries cricket is an emotion but in Bangladesh it is like war.” After the fight in the group stage match. The tournament has been canceled before the semi-finals.

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