The war intensifies! The Muslim country from which Netanyahu was seeking help attacked Israelis. Israel Palestine War Attack On Israel Tourist In Egypt Hamas Attack

After the Hamas attack, Israeli citizens are being targeted in Egypt. The Israeli Foreign Ministry says they are investigating the matter. A gunman opened fire on a bus carrying Israeli tourists in Alexandria, Egypt.

The war intensifies!  Israelis were attacked in the same Muslim country from which Netanyahu was seeking help.

Israel-Palestine War

After the attack by Hamas fighters on Israel, Israeli tourists have been attacked in Egypt. A gunman opened fire on a tourist bus, killing two Israeli tourists. Along with this, an Egyptian youth has also died. The Israeli Foreign Ministry says that they are investigating the matter. Actually, a bus was taking Israeli tourists to Alexandria, Egypt. Meanwhile there has been firing.

Security forces have cordoned off the area and the suspected attacker has been taken into custody. A video shared on social media showed scenes of the attack’s aftermath, with at least three ambulances taking victims to hospitals.

This attack in Egypt has happened at a time when the whole world is watching the war between Israel and Hamas. On Saturday morning, Hamas fired rockets at Israel, causing massive destruction there. Hamas terrorists had committed barbarity by entering the Israeli border, in response to which Israel started retaliating with full force. Israel is continuously carrying out attacks in Gaza and is talking about targeting the hideouts of terrorists. Israel claims that it has so far killed 400 Hamas terrorists, while on the other hand, Hamas has taken many Israeli citizens hostage.

Israel had asked for help from Egypt

Israel is very troubled by this. He is constantly trying to free the people who have been taken hostage by Hamas terrorists from the Israeli border, as soon as possible. Efforts are also being made for this on international forums. It is being told in media reports that Israel has also sought help from Egypt to free its people from Hamas, but in the meantime Israeli people have been targeted in Egypt itself.

At the same time, Israel is preparing for a major action on the Lebanon border. The army has instructed civilians to vacate the area within 48 hours. On the other hand, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is holding an important meeting with the Defense Minister and the Army Chief. Here, pro-Palestinian countries and organizations are preparing for a major attack on Israel. Iran-backed Lebanese militant organization Hezbollah has made a big plan for this. There has been news of Hezbollah deploying 50 thousand rockets on the Lebanon border. At any time, there can be a major attack on Israel through these rockets.

Rocket attack on Israeli Army’s Sheba Farm

Iran-backed Lebanese militant group Hezbollah has claimed that it has attacked the Israeli Army’s Sheba Farm with a rocket. The Israeli media has called this attack a direct attack on the command post. Sheba Farm is a disputed area located between Lebanon, Syria and Israel. Which is occupied by Israel. Israel has retaliated against the attack by Lebanon-backed Hezbollah. Israeli tank has fired shells from the tank on Lebanon’s Bastra Farm located near Shiba Farm. Israel has said that attacks on all areas will continue until the enemy is eliminated. Counter-attacks are being carried out to protect civilians.

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