The man returned after seeing the world after 4 years! Told how the earth would look, presented evidence

Every person wishes to know his future. He should get information in advance about what is going to happen to him in the coming years so that he can prepare to deal with the problems. Astrology has proved this many times. People have been given information not only about years but also about centuries past and beyond. But scientists do not agree. However, now a person has claimed that he has returned after seeing the world 4 years ahead. Told how the earth would look at that time. But people are surprised to know one thing that he told.

According to the report of Daily Star, this time traveler named Javier has presented a very frightening and scary picture of what the world will be like in 2027. Said that he is the first person who has returned after seeing the world 6 years ahead. He saw that there was no one else on earth. There are only big buildings. He went to many places, like the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, where usually there is a crowd of tourists, but no one was seen there. He was the only person left in the world. Xavier also made videos of these places and shared them on social media. This person came forward for the first time in 2021 and even then he had made similar claims.

In the clip, he is seen looking at an empty road with his watch (Photo_tiKtok)

Showed the view from below the building
In a 21-second video shared on TikTok, Xavier showed the view from below from a building. It was recorded from a rooftop. Skyscrapers were visible all around. And a completely empty intersection. There was no sign of people. Some vehicles were seen parked. But humans were not visible at all. In the caption of the video, the person wrote, My name is Xavier and I am alone in the world.

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appears to be the last surviving human being
Xavier told that at that time he appeared to be the last living human being. When people questioned his claims, Xavier responded to the comments by sharing a video on TikTok. In this clip he is seen looking at an empty road with his watch. The vehicles were parked on the side of the road and no traffic was visible. The city seemed completely empty because there was no one around. Not even a single pedestrian. Whereas at that time it was only 8.09 in the evening. He was wandering in Rome during the day but no one was seen there.


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