The era of colonial rule in the Middle East, how lives became hell?

Eid Hadad's parents holding their grandchildren in their arms

image source, Eid Haddad

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Eid Hadad’s parents holding their grandchildren in their arms

The people seen in this picture are the parents of Eid Hadad.

He was a teenager in 1938, when he witnessed from close quarters the presence of British rule in the Palestinian territories.

Talking about his parents’ experiences, Eid Hadad says, “They saw how British troops would come before their eyes and attack people. My father once told me how a man was hit on the head with a wooden hammer, which is traditionally used to pound meat.”

Referring to another incident, Hadad says, “Once a man and his son were shot from behind while they were drying tobacco leaves. At that time, similar anarchy was being seen all around.

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