The car overturned, snatched SI’s revolver and ran away… Shahbaz, who killed Professor Alok Gupta, killed in encounter – shahjahanpur professor alok gupta murder case police encounter shahbaz killed ntc

Shahbaz, who murdered Professor Alok Gupta in Shahjahanpur, UP, has been killed in a police encounter. After arresting the police, they were taking the accused to present him in the court, when some animal came in front of the police car, after which the car became unbalanced and overturned. Meanwhile, Shahbaz snatched the sub inspector’s pistol and fired and ran into the fields.

What is the whole matter?

In Shahjahanpur, early on Tuesday, some miscreants entered the house of an assistant professor of a college with the intention of robbing. During this time, 35 year old Professor Alok Gupta woke up, when he protested against the miscreants, they attacked him with a knife and killed him. During this time the miscreants had crossed all limits of cruelty. He had also damaged the professor’s eye.

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Professor Alok Gupta (file photo)

9 people of the house were injured

SP Ashok Meena said that the miscreants attacked Alok Kumar with sharp weapons, due to which he died on the spot. After this, the miscreants attacked Alok Kumar’s wife Khushboo, father Sudhir Gupta, brother Prashant and his wife Ruchi and three children with sharp weapons and seriously injured them, who were admitted to a private hospital in Bareilly in a critical condition. Is. To catch these miscreants, two teams were formed by the police.

Reward of Rs 75 thousand to policemen

After this incident, there was an atmosphere of tension among the people of the area, they blocked the National Highway. The police had arrested the accused. At present, a reward of Rs 50,000 has been announced for ADG and Rs 25,000 for SP. SP said that apart from the professor, Shahbaz was also involved in the murder of another medical store businessman Sartaj.

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