Thank You For Coming Ekta Kapoor Slammed Trolls Who Said Stop Making Adult Movies | Ekta Kapoor hits back at trolls who say ‘stop making adult movies’, says

Ekta Kapoor replied to trollers: Ekta Kapoor (Ekta Kapoor) is one of the few filmmakers in the film industry who makes films and shows on bold subjects without any hesitation. Many of his projects have not only been quite bold but their target audience has also been people of adult age. However, Ekta Kapoor never ignored the trolls who criticized her work without any reason but gave a befitting reply.

Ekta trolled on social media for adult movies

Recently, during an interesting conversation with her fans on the social media site X, Ekta Kapoor answered the questions. During this time, Ekta Kapoor replied in a very precise manner to the people who made some lewd comments. Ekta Kapoor started the conversation with a discussion on her recently released film ‘Thanks for Coming’. Meanwhile, a troll advised him to stop making adult movies.

Ekta Kapoor gave a befitting reply to the troll

On this, Ekta Kapoor showed her presence of mind and stopped this troll from speaking. One Kapoor wrote on Twitter that I am online on Twitter for a short time, let’s talk about something before my team forbids me from saying anything. He first responded to the review in which his film ‘Thanks for Coming’ was called disappointing.

If I am an adult then I will make you an adult – Ekta

Responding to those who gave negative reviews about his film, he wrote that the intensity of discussion about ‘Thank You for Coming’ tells what the truth is. You guys should leave aside the issue of accuracy. To be honest, I am smiling at this review of yours. Meanwhile, a user wrote that you should stop making adult movies. In response to this, Ekta Kapoor wrote that I am an adult so I will definitely make adult movies.

Then a user wrote regarding this answer that you should be ashamed. So Ekta Kapoor replied to this and wrote that yes ok, I am feeling shy, anything else? While signing off from Twitter, Ekta Kapoor called her fans boys in an interesting manner and mentioned her film while leaving. He wrote that signing off from Twitter, thanks for coming.

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