Swiggy Fraud: Is Swiggy fraudulently charging extra money on every order? – Swiggy Fraud taking extra money fraudulently on every order ttec

Swiggy is currently in the news, the reason for which is not because of its offer or any special discount, but because of the allegation of charging more money from the customer. Actually, many people have posted on X alleging that Swiggy is charging more money from them. There are allegations that an amount of Rs 3 or more is being added to the bill on each order. Swiggy is a popular online food delivery app.

In fact, citing a tweet in media reports, it has been said that he tries to give the bill in round figure by adding an amount of Rs 3 or more to the entire bill. Understand for example, if a customer’s bill is Rs 271.91, then the company does not add 9 paise to round the figure, rather Rs 3.09 is added to the entire bill.

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Accused of earning crores every year

It has been said in the reports that Swiggy collects money from many people in this way. With the help of this small change, the company can earn crores of rupees every year. The thing to note is that the company is collecting this extra income after tax.

Many users shared the bill

The reports have used the tweets of X users (formerly Twitter) @kingslyj. Apart from this, this user has also shared a screenshot in which the name of Swiggycares has been shown. Users have told that Swiggy claims that these are being taken after the order of RBI. However, RBI has not given any such order yet. Screen shots of the bill have also been included in the post.

The post appeared

Swiggy gave clarification

Swiggy tweeted in response

Answering many such questions on social media, it has been posted on X. Swiggy has said that no customer has been overcharged, it is just a bug. According to the company, during checkout, the customer has paid only the amount of bill that he had to pay. The bill is visible only in the order history.

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The company said that this has happened because a platform fee of Rs 5 is being imposed on customers. In this, a discount of Rs 3 was given and only Rs 2 was taken from the customer.

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