Such a pink pigeon came to the city, if it had been found in the era of letters, the expense of roses would have been saved.

It was an ordinary morning in the town of Bury, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom. Then the atmosphere among the people became somewhat like this lion-

Wow! Is the beauty of this rosebud the color of the body?
If the robe is worn, it turns pink

Pardon. It is known that the people of Bari did not read this poem of Muzaffar Ali Asir. That’s why ‘Manind’ was written. Meaning, something like this must have been thought. There must be something similar in their literature, then you must have read something similar. Why? Because they saw a pigeon. A pink pigeon.

You have read it right. There are no glitches. According to a BBC report, a pink pigeon was seen by passersby in Bari town. People started making videos out of habit. The pigeon was also friendly. Was hopping on the footpath. People were pouring grains, he was chewing the grains. Was flying from here to there. Wherever he was going, people were looking at him with complete astonishment. Were showing it to people. Even Greater Manchester Police officers reported the sighting of this rare bird during their patrolling.

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After seeing this pigeon, those people felt some remorse, who used to send letters and roses through pigeons. It must have occurred to him that if he had found this pigeon then, he would have sent only that pigeon. Expenses for roses would have been saved.

Well, where did this pink pigeon come from? How did you come? Why is its color pink? — Speculations are going on among the townspeople. Some are thinking that this color is sure and natural. Some feel that it has been painted or it has fallen in some kind of substance, due to which its color changed.

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And, this is not the first time that pink pigeon is a part of the headlines, or news is being written on it. Earlier, a similar bird was also found in Madison Square Park in New York City. That pigeon was allegedly painted bright pink by someone. Then after showing signs of malnutrition, the Wild Bird Fund rescued him.

However, pink pigeons are not always visible because of their colouring. Sometimes these were seen often. But they almost became extinct in the 70s and 90s. Now seen occasionally and at some places.

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