Strange village in which no man comes for the last 30 years, yet young girls get pregnant

Strange village in which no man has come for the last 30 years

There are many places in our world where the lifestyle, food habits and traditions are completely different. But in many places all this is so unique that you will be surprised even to think about it and you will feel that such a place can actually exist.

But even today there are many places on our earth where something new can be seen. But today we are talking about the entire north-eastern area of ​​Kenya where there is a village called Umoja. Let us tell you that the design of the houses, roads, trees, plants, forests, everything is strange here. Even the residents living here will be surprised to know that only women have lived in the entire village for 30 years.


When was this unique village built?

Let us tell you that this village was founded in 1990 by Rebecca and her group of 15 women, who were survivors of rape by a British soldier. Women who have escaped child marriage, domestic violence and rape in the name of population live here.

The men had beaten Rebecca together.

Let us tell you that the story of this unique village started when Rebecca started telling women about their rights in 1990, during which a group of men together beat her badly. Later, the same women who had stayed in the hospital for a long time, thought of bringing them to the village and gathered courage to talk about the many rights of women, after which the women started living here.

influence of maasai tribe

The women living here all speak the same language. Here everyone lives in a group of 5 to 10 families and work as shepherds. The culture here is completely different. Whenever there is a meeting of the village, the men sit in the gathering and have a special discussion and the women sit outside. There are very few women who are able to give their permission and express their opinion here. Women remain oppressed by the tribe.

Boys leave the village after 18 years

47 women and 200 children live in Umoja village. But whenever these children turn 18 years old, they are thrown out of the village. All the residents living here live at very low cost. The girls here earn money by doing small jobs. The women can run a campsite a kilometer away along the river bank to provide food, clothing and shelter.

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