Stock Split: Gave the biggest dividend in its history in September, now preparations for stock split


Stock Split: The company has informed the stock exchange that the decision on stock split will be taken in the board meeting to be held on October 21.

Cantabil Retail India Ltd can now take a decision on stock split. The company’s board meeting on this will be held on October 21. On Thursday, the company’s shares closed at Rs 1160.


The company has given dividend a total of 6 times since listing. Gave a dividend of Re 1 per share in the year 2020. Dividend of Re 1 per share was given in February 2021, Re 1 in November 2021, Rs 1.5 in September 2022, Rs 2 in February 2023 and Rs 2.5 per share in September 2023.

Reducing the face value of a share is called share split. Along with the split, the market price of shares on the record date will also be adjusted into two parts. Share split is done specifically for the purpose of increasing liquidity and volume. The purpose of doing share split is to make more and more retail investors as shareholders. .

The promoters’ stake in the company is 74.97 percent. There has been no significant change in this since the last 5 quarters. Compared to the April-June quarter of the financial year 2022-23, the profit in the April-June quarter of the financial year 2023-2024 has been Rs 12.27 crore. A year ago it was Rs 14 crore. The company’s income increased by 11 percent and crossed Rs 111 crore.

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