Sreesanth Had Differences With MS Dhoni World Cup winning star shocking revelation

New Delhi: MS Dhoni is considered the greatest captain in the history of Indian cricket. His colleagues keep giving statements from time to time regarding the winning captain of T-20 World Cup in 2007 and ODI World Cup in 2011. Gautam Gambhir had recently said that if Dhoni had played at number three, he would have broken many records. However, he seems to disagree with the fact that India won both the World Cups only because of Dhoni. Now Sreesanth, who was a member of both the world winning teams, has given a big statement about his relation with Dhoni. Sreesanth spoke openly about the role of MS Dhoni and his way of working. He said- I also had differences with Dhoni bhai, but now when I look at the cricket aspect of things, no one can say that Dhoni did not support him. There are some circumstances which force the captain to think differently and this is life.

He said- When I say this, it will be a bit controversial. Yes, you might say ‘why talk about only 2-3 players?’ We also played our role in the victory. But this is just about how Dhoni thought about the team first all the time. He also started the tradition of giving the cup to the youngest player in the team. He never wanted the limelight. He always wanted the team to perform well.

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Shri said- Yes, we won the World Cup because of the hard work of every player. But there may be many celebrities on board. No matter how, whenever you put a flight on autopilot, a pilot is still needed. Gautam Gambhir, one of MS Dhoni’s former teammates, recently spoke on Star Sports about how MS Dhoni sacrificed his batting position for the sake of the team, otherwise he would have played at No. 3 for India.

He had said- MS (Dhoni) was the first wicketkeeper of India who could change the game with his batting. Those before him were keepers first and batsmen second, but MS was a batsman first and then a wicketkeeper. It was a blessing for Indian cricket that in MS Dhoni we got a wicketkeeper-batsman who can win you matches at number 7, because he has a power game. If MS had batted at No. 3, I am sure he could have broken many ODI records.
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