Sartorius CEO expects less technological openness with China

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GÖTTINGEN (dpa-AFX) – The head of Goettingen-based laboratory supplier Sartorius expects less technological openness in dealings with China. “The degree of openness, including technological openness, that has existed for a long time will no longer exist in this way in perspective for now,” Joachim Kreuzburg told Deutsche Presse-Agentur. In his own words, he assumes that certain areas of technology will be excluded from open trade between the West and China.

At the moment, there is no stable situation with China, said Kreuzburg. But it is important to reach a peaceful coexistence and a certain degree of cooperation, he said. The alternative, a spiral of increasing sanctions, is unfavorable and ultimately to the detriment of each side, he said./xma/DP/zb

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