Sanjay Singh Arrest: Sanjay Singh in ED remand till October 10 in Delhi liquor scam case, court’s decision

New Delhi: ED presented Aam Aadmi Party Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh, arrested in the Delhi liquor scam case, in Rouse Avenue Court today i.e. on Thursday, where Sanjay Singh was sent to ED remand i.e. custody for 5 days. After hearing the arguments of Sanjay Singh and ED, the Roud Avenue Court decided that Sanjay Singh will remain in ED custody till October 10. ED will now present Sanjay Singh in the court at 2 pm on October 10. Earlier, the court had reserved its decision on remand for some time. Let us tell you that ED had asked for 10 days remand, where Sanjay Singh had opposed the ED remand.

During the hearing, Sanjay Singh’s lawyer Mohit Mathur told the court that it should be told on what basis Sanjay Singh has been arrested. On this, ED’s lawyer in Rouse Avenue Court said that two separate transactions have taken place and this is a total transaction of Rs 2 crore. ED had demanded remand of 10 days, which Sanjay Singh has opposed.

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Actually, the investigating agency ED told in the court that a transaction of Rs 2 crore has taken place in two times. According to Dinesh Arora’s statement, Sarvesh Mishra, who lives at Sanjay Singh’s house, has confirmed the transaction over the phone. ED has asked for 10 days remand of Sanjay Singh. The court said that PMLA can be imposed only when the amount of the crime is paid. The proceeds of crime must be directly or indirectly linked to the accused. Sanjay Singh’s lawyer strongly opposed ED’s demand for 10-day remand. He said that searches were conducted 239 times in a year, nothing was found except digital evidence. Sanjay Singh’s lawyer said that the court should see that nothing was found in the raid at my residence which was related to the case.

The court asked that when the ED was aware of the transaction (transactions of August, October 2021) for a long time, then why did it make the arrest now? ED said that the statements in this case have been recorded now in 2023. At the same time, ED said that the transaction took place at the house of Sanjay Singh, who was an employee of Dinesh Arora, who gave Rs 2 crore to Sarvesh. Dinesh’s man gave Rs 1 crore from Indospirit to Okhli’s office.. On this the court said that then the total amount was Rs 3 crore.

ED said in the court that we have seized the phone from Sanjay Singh’s house, which has to be investigated and a face to face confrontation has to be conducted. ED was told that the investigation in this case moved forward on the basis of Dinesh Arora’s statement taken in October 2022. ED said that we had called a total of three people for questioning. Still have to face two more people. ED told the court that in the remand paper, Sanjay Singh’s custody has been sought for 10 days. Let us tell you that earlier ED had asked for 7 days custody.

At the same time, Sanjay Singh’s lawyer Mohit Mathur told the court that this sequence is never going to stop. Dinesh Arora, who is the star witness of ED and CBI, was an accused in both the cases. He further said that the Judiciary is being made a joke, the credibility of the person whose statements are being cited as the basis for the arrest is under question.

Sanjay Singh’s lawyer Mathur said that you had the statements of those people for months but the ED only wants to humiliate Sanjay Singh by arresting him. How many notices did you send to Sanjay Singh? Meanwhile, Sanjay Singh told the court that see Sir has been playing with us since then. Mathur told the court that ED is making Sarvesh a basis, but he has not been interrogated yet. On this, the court asked the ED whether Sarvesh has been interrogated, then the ED said that summons have been issued. On this, Mathur said that that summons has also been issued after the arrest of Sanjay Singh.

Sanjay Singh’s lawyer Mohit Mathur said that Sanjay Singh has nothing to do with the liquor scam case, this arrest itself is illegal. At the same time, the ED lawyer said that the credibility of the government witness in the case cannot be questioned, because the same court has allowed Dinesh Arora and others to become government witnesses.

Let us tell you that ED i.e. Enforcement Directorate had arrested Aam Aadmi Party Rajya Sabha member Sanjay Singh on Wednesday after a long interrogation of about 10.30 hours in the now canceled Excise Policy of Delhi case. Sanjay Singh, 51, was arrested on Wednesday evening after anti-money laundering agency ED raided his premises. He is the second big AAP leader to be arrested in the Delhi liquor scam case after former Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia. ED had mentioned Sanjay Singh’s name in its charge sheet. It said that middleman Dinesh Arora had said that he had met Singh during a party at his restaurant ‘Unplugged Courtyard’.

According to the ED charge sheet, it states that in 2020, Sanjay Singh had requested him to ask restaurant-owners to allegedly raise funds for the Aam Aadmi Party for the Delhi Assembly elections. Dinesh Arora said that he gave a check of Rs 82 lakh. According to the charge sheet, Dinesh Arora said in his statement that another accused – Amit Arora – wanted help in shifting his liquor shop from Okhla to Pitampura. The allegation is that he (Arora) managed to get this done through Sanjay Singh because Sanjay Singh told Sisodia, after which the Excise Department disposed of the case. Dinesh Arora also said that he along with Singh had met Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal once at his residence, while he had spoken to Sisodia five-six times, the charge sheet said.


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