Russia Naval Headquarters Air Attack Video; Black Sea | Russia Ukraine War Ukraine claims- 9 Russian officers killed; Missile attack by Britain and France

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On September 22, Ukraine carried out an airstrike on Russia’s Black Sea Naval Headquarters.

The war continues between Russia and Ukraine. On Friday, Ukraine attacked Russia’s Black Sea Naval Headquarters in Crimea. According to the report of ‘The Guardian’, on Saturday the Defense Ministry of Ukraine claimed that 9 Russian officers have died in this attack. 16 others were injured.

The video of this attack in Ukraine has surfaced. In this, a missile is seen falling on the Black Sea Fleet Headquarters of the Russian Navy. After this the building caught fire. According to BBC, the attack was by Storm Shadow missile. Britain and France are supplying this missile to Ukraine.

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Ukraine attacked Russian Black Sea Naval Headquarters with UK-France’s Storm Shadow missile.

The headquarters caught fire after the attack. According to Ukraine, 2 Russian generals have been killed.

Black smoke was seen in the sky after the missile attack.

2 Russian generals among those killed
Ukrainian Defense Intelligence Chief Kirill Budanov told Voice of America that two Russian generals were also among the dead. At the same time, Commander General Alexander Romanchuk and Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Oleg Tsekov are seriously injured.

This is a satellite image of Russia’s Black Sea Naval Headquarters in Crimea.

Storm Shadow is a long range missile
The long-range Storm Shadow cruise missile was developed by the British Ministry of Defense in collaboration with France’s MBDA Missile Systems Company in 1997. It can attack up to a distance of 250 kilometers.

The weight of this 5.10 meter long missile is 1300 kg. The special thing is that it is capable of attacking in any kind of weather, day or night. This missile can secretly destroy enemy airbases, radar installations and communications.

Fire and forget technology has been used in the Storm Shadow missile, which attacks while keeping an eye on the target very closely. Inertial navigation, global positioning system and terrain reference navigation have been used in this which controls the missile on the target route.

After launching, this missile targets the enemy’s location with the help of infrared.

War continues for 577 days
Russian troops attacked Ukraine on 24 February 2022. Vladimir Putin had only one objective behind this – to capture Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky did not accept this, so even after a year this war continues.

Both countries suffered a lot in this war. Infrastructure and military equipment were destroyed. There are no concrete figures, but it is believed that thousands of soldiers from both sides have been killed in this war.

NATO became the reason for Russia-Ukraine dispute

  • After the breakup of the Soviet Union into 15 parts in 1991, NATO expanded rapidly, especially among Europe and the countries that were part of the Soviet Union.
  • In 2004, three countries that were part of the Soviet Union – Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania – joined NATO, all three of these countries are border countries of Russia.
  • European countries like Poland (1999), Romania (2004) and Bulgaria (2004) have also become members of NATO. All these countries are around Russia. Only Ukraine lies between them and Russia.
  • Ukraine has been trying to join NATO for many years. It is because of his recent efforts that Russia has attacked Ukraine.
  • Ukraine has more than 2200 km long border with Russia. Russia believes that if Ukraine joins NATO, NATO forces will reach the Russian border under the pretext of Ukraine.
  • If Ukraine joins NATO, the distance of Russia’s capital Moscow from western countries will be only 640 kilometers. Presently this distance is about 1600 kilometers. Russia wants Ukraine to guarantee that it will never join NATO.

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