Rupali Ganguly Was Not The First Choice For The Role Of Anupamaa

Rupali Ganguly was not the first choice for the role of Anupamaa, 2 actresses rejected her and then she got the show.

Rupali Ganguly

New Delhi:

Rupali Ganguly has become the top actress of the small screen today. The reason is his hit show Anupama which is neither disappearing from the minds of the audience nor from the TRP list. Even if you accuse this show of dragging tracks, being illogical or anything like that, you cannot deny the fact that the public is watching this show and is also giving it a lot of love. Initially people found Anupama’s character strange but gradually such twists and turns came that people started getting attached to it. At that time, while signing this show, perhaps even Rupali herself would not have thought that this show was going to be so big.

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Rupali was not the first choice for the show!

You will be surprised to know that she was not the first choice for the show which is currently in the sky because of Rupali. Yes, before Rupali, this show was offered to two actresses but things did not work out with both of them… We are sure that today they must be feeling sad to lose this wonderful show.

One name among those who rejected Anupama is Neha Pendse and the other is Juhi Parmar. Neha had told in an interview that she had refused the role of Anupama because she did not like it. It is claimed in media reports that Juhi Parmar was the first choice for the role of Anupama. But due to her other professional commitments, Juhi also did not take up this show.

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