Rs 25 Crore Stolen From Jewelery Showroom In Bhogal Area Delhi Police Scanning CCTV For Investigation – Delhi’s biggest theft: Thieves broke into the jewelery showroom and stole jewelery worth Rs 25 crore.

New Delhi:

Theft in Umrao Jewelers showroom: A case of theft worth crores has come to light in a jewelery showroom in Delhi. This case pertains to Umrao Jewelers located in Bhogal area. Here late last night the thief cleaned the entire showroom of jewellery. During this period, theft of Rs 20 to 25 crore took place in Umrao Jewellers. This is one of the biggest thefts in Delhi. At present the police have empty hands.

The thief broke into the wall and reached the locker in the showroom.

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Now there is nothing left in the name of jewelery in the showroom of the famous Umrao Singh Jewelers of Jangpura, Delhi. It is being told that the thief had broken into the wall and reached the locker in the showroom. To carry out this theft, the thieves came down from the fourth floor of the showroom by breaking the lock of the roof. After this, a hole was made in the wall of the strong room and the CCTV connections were cut.

The special thing is that the walls of the strong room were made of iron on three sides and bricks and stones on one side. The thieves cut the wall from the same side. At the same time, there is no abuse behind the showroom. All the houses are connected to each other.

Show room closed due to closure of market on Monday

According to the information, the owner of the showroom had closed the showroom on Sunday evening. The showroom was closed the next day i.e. Monday due to the closure of the market. When the showroom owner reached the showroom this morning, he came to know about the theft. The electric panel installed outside the showroom was found broken and when the shutter of the showroom was opened, all the jewelery was found missing. After which this information was given to the police.

Police checking the CCTV cameras installed in the showroom

As soon as information about this matter was received, the police of Nizamuddin police station reached the spot. At present the police and crime branch are inside the show room. Police is scanning the CCTV cameras installed in the showroom. It is still not clear whether the thieves came on Sunday night or Monday night. Many teams of Delhi Police are engaged in investigation. Forensic experts have taken stock of the incident. According to the police, they have received some CCTV footage of the suspects, investigation is ongoing.

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