Rats have created a ruckus in the house, so adopt these methods, they will disappear in one go.

Often rats suddenly increase in houses. Be it morning, day, or night. There is a ruckus in the house due to rats. Many times rats make holes in the walls. Then they dig up the soil from there and start throwing it outside. Many times, rats gnaw away important household items. It seems as if shoes and socks etc. are his most favorite. People use mousetraps to catch rats. Once a rat is trapped in a mousetrap, the problem arises as to where to release it. Because many localities or colonies are like this, if you release a rat somewhere and someone else has a house there, it will object. Similarly, poisoning rats is also wrong. Because due to his death the atmosphere of the entire house will become foul. If you also want to drive away rats, but are using old and worn out methods, then it is possible that the rats will not budge. Here some such home remedies are being mentioned which prove to be effective in driving away rats from the house. (News continues, see in the next paragraph)

First of all it is important to keep this in mind
Rats stay in the house only as long as they have easy access to food there. In such a situation, it is important that you store all the food items properly. Also, do not leave any such place in the house through which rats can enter. Apart from this, clean the house thoroughly from time to time. Because, many types of insects including rats often start settling in dirty places. (News continues, see in the next paragraph)

drive away rats with onions
Onion is toxic for animals. Therefore, before using it for rats, make sure that if there are any pets in the house, they stay away from it. Otherwise, he will carry on carrying pieces of onion. To ward off rats, peel and cut onions and keep them near rats’ dens. Its aroma proves to be a foul smell for rats and leads to the extermination of rats. (News continues, see in the next paragraph)

Chili Flakes
Use of hot red chilli or chilli flakes proves effective in warding off rats. To try it on rats, sprinkle chili flakes at the places where rats come and go. This will make the rats run away. Generally rats follow the same route to travel.
Note: The content, including advice, in the article provides general information only. (News continues, see in the next paragraph)

To ward off rats, you can make anti-mice liquid from garlic. To make this, crush garlic and add it to water. Mix this water well and sprinkle it on rats or on rat hideouts and places where they come. Mice will be forced to run away from the house.
peppermint oil
We feel refreshing when we smell peppermint oil, but this is not the case with rats. Rats run away from the scent of peppermint oil. In such a situation, peppermint plant can be planted in the house. Also, sprinkle peppermint oil on the doors and mouse nests of the house. This will force the rats to run away from the house. By sprinkling pepper oil on the door of the house, rats will not be able to enter the house again. After trying this solution, you will see that the rats will gradually disappear. (News continues, see in the next paragraph)

Mix tobacco in gram flour, see amazing
If you want to get rid of rats from your house, then tobacco and gram flour can be useful for you. Even though tobacco is harmful for health, it is a panacea in ending the terror of rats. The intoxicating substance found in tobacco irritates the rats and they leave the house. All you have to do is mix gram flour and ghee in tobacco and keep it in the den of rats. (News continues, see in the next paragraph)

Spraying of alum will end the terror of rats
Alum is a deadly enemy of rats. They don’t like its taste at all. Make a solution of alum powder and sprinkle it on the hideouts of rats. Due to this they leave that place forever.
Kapoor will do all the work of rats
Rats do not like the smell of camphor at all. Due to this their breathing becomes labored. If you want to drive away rats from the house, then keep pieces of camphor in every corner of the house. By doing this the rats will automatically leave the house. Like peppermint and alum, rats also do not like the smell of camphor. By doing this the rats will get upset and leave your house. (News continues, see in the next paragraph)

rats run away from bananas
According to scientists, the smell of banana causes stress to rats. That’s why we run away from bananas. Researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec conducted research in which they detected stress hormones in rats. Scientists found in research that due to a compound called N-pentyl acetate in the urine of rats, hormonal changes had started in the rats. Due to this compound, banana has a special fragrance. The researchers brought banana oil and applied it on cotton. He kept this cotton in the cages of rats. Its smell increased the stress level in rats to a great extent.
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