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Nishikant Dubey Letter To LS Speaker: BJP MP Nishikant Dubey has written a letter to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and demanded action on the comments made by Danish Ali by forming an inquiry committee in the Ramesh Bidhuri case. He said, “I have written a letter to the Lok Sabha Speaker demanding not to take unilateral action and it is written in the letter that what Ramesh Bidhuri said was not right, I condemn it and for this the Deputy Leader of the House Rajnath Singh also apologized.” , but it also has to be understood under what circumstances Ramesh Bidhuri used this language.

The BJP leader said, “Danish Ali continuously created disruptions during his (Ramesh Bidhuri) speech and made false statements against PM Narendra Modi, Saugata Roy and DMK also said hurtful things during the discussion in the House, hence An inquiry committee should be formed and this should be investigated.

What did Nishikant Dubey write in the letter sent to the Lok Sabha Speaker?

Nishikant Dubey wrote in the letter, “During the discussion on the unprecedented success of ‘India’s Chandrayaan Mission’ in the Lok Sabha on 21 September 2023, MP Ramesh Bidhuri also participated and gave a speech. During his long speech, amidst constant pushing and shoving by other members, which turned into a heated debate, Ramesh Bidhuri said some objectionable words against Member of Parliament Danish Ali, which I, as a responsible public representative, want to condemn. ”

“However, soon thereafter, Rajnath Singh, one of the senior most members of the Treasury Bench then present, demonstrated utmost integrity and preserved the dignity of Parliament and its healthy traditions/conventions at all costs,” he wrote. Served as a precursor to. He strongly and unequivocally condemned the statements made by Bidhuri.

The BJP MP wrote in the letter, “It is a commendable display of deep respect for our ‘temple of democracy’ and your upholding the dignity of Parliament that the indecent words uttered by Bidhuri were immediately expunged from the proceedings of the House.” . I and other like-minded Members of Parliament congratulate you for your prompt action.

What happened before Ramesh Bidhuri’s statement?

Nishikant Dubey wrote, “Sir, it is an undisputed fact that whatever Ramesh Bidhuri said against any other Member of Parliament in the House that day was inappropriate and I will not tolerate any criticism of any Member of Parliament against any other Member or his religious cultural beliefs. I also oppose the use of any such word against. However, in this unprecedented brouhaha, which unfortunately grabbed the attention of the media and then other political parties also took up this issue with a hidden agenda to maintain their politics, I draw your attention to those verifiable facts. I want to draw attention to what happened before Bidhuri’s unpleasant statement.

“The fact is that during the entire speech of Bidhuri, Member of Parliament Danish Ali did ‘running commentary’ and also made indecent comments towards everyone with the aim of disrupting and instigating Bidhuri,” the BJP MP said in the letter. Now, let me present to you everything that happened after the comments made by Bidhuri. When Danish Ali was busy provoking Bidhuri with his intemperate comments, he made extremely objectionable and derogatory remarks against our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji.

Nishikant Dubey’s allegations against Danish Ali

“In his desperation to defame the ruling government and the Prime Minister’s achievement of landing Chandrayaan 3 on the Moon, he kept shouting without a microphone, but he could be clearly heard saying ‘Neech If you don’t call it lowly then what will you call it? I think this statement given by Danish Ali was enough for any patriotic public representative to ‘lose his patience’ and due to this Bidhuri responded to him the way he did. It is also very unfortunate that the entire media did not pay attention to the details in which Mr. Danish Ali had made such derogatory remarks against our Honorable Prime Minister.

Nishikant wrote in the letter, “Sir, the aspect of ‘breach of privilege’ which is being loudly cited by Danish Ali and some other Members of Parliament cannot be one-sided and if applied separately, it would be a serious matter.” And there will be an irreversible ‘miscarriage of justice’. Therefore, I am sharing with you the details of the ‘abuses’ which were also used by other Parliamentarians during the discussion. They are as follows-

Saugata Roy, Member of Parliament- “Ram and Pushpak Viman do not exist, it is a false story.”

DMK Party- “We are Dravidian and you are Aryan. You are spreading superstition by stopping the ‘Setu Samudram Project’. There is no God, Hindu is not a religion.

‘Not only Ramesh Bidhuri behaved inappropriately, but also Danish Ali…’

The BJP MP wrote in the letter, “Sir, it is clear from my above facts that during the discussion in the Lok Sabha on 21 September 2023, not only Ramesh Bidhuri behaved ‘inappropriately’, but Danish Ali also made very condemnable and unforgivable statements. are equally guilty of. Words against the Honorable Prime Minister of the Republic of India, the world’s largest democracy. Besides this, other members and parties also made indecent comments against the ‘cherished faith’ of the majority community. If Bidhuri has done inappropriate work, then in my opinion other honorable members including Danish Ali have also contributed in spreading enmity between communities.

He said, “You are, therefore, requested to constitute an ‘Inquiry Committee’ to investigate the statements made by various members during the said discussion and also to investigate whether there is any attempt to instigate our citizens through their comments. To what extent are various other Members of Parliament guilty?

What did Danish Ali say?

BSP MP Danish Ali has responded to the allegations. They Posted on social media platform Had demanded the removal of grossly objectionable words related to Modi ji from the proceedings of the House.

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