Ramesh Bidhuri: BJP MP who has a long association with controversies.

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Ramesh Bidhuri, two-time Bharatiya Janata Party MP from South Delhi.

An MP’s ‘remark’ during the ongoing discussion on ‘Chandrayaan-3 success’ in the Lok Sabha on Thursday night turned into a political storm the next day. At the center of this political storm is Ramesh Bidhuri, a two-time Bharatiya Janata Party MP from posh South Delhi.

Whatever Ramesh Bidhuri said while targeting BSP MP Kunwar Danish Ali, is no longer a part of the recorded proceedings of the Lok Sabha, nor is it possible to repeat it in any way.

The seriousness of what Bidhuri said being unparliamentary can also be gauged from the fact that Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, who was present in the House during the discussion, immediately expressed his regret over it.

After all-round pressure on the abusive language used against BSP MP Danish Ali, BJP had to issue a show cause notice to its MP.

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