Rajasthan assembly elections: Congress or BJP, who will get the ‘throne’, the key to power in the hands of ‘FV’ – rajasthan chunav bjp vs congress more than 22 lakh youth will vote for the first time for 2023 assembly elections

Will Congress retain its power in the Rajasthan Assembly elections or will BJP make a comeback by removing Congress from power? This question is running in the minds of the people of the state. No one can tell right now which party will be in power, but one thing is clear that this time the key to power will be with more than 22 lakh first voters.

First voters are getting ready for assembly elections in Rajasthan

Jaipur: Assembly elections are to be held in Rajasthan later this year. All the parties of the state are busy finalizing their preparations for this election. However, the main contest is believed to be between BJP and the ruling Congress. No one can predict yet who will be in power after the elections – BJP or Congress. But, in this election the ‘key’ to power lies with the state’s ‘F. B.’ That means it is in the hands of the first voters. This time there are more than 22 lakh 6 thousand such voters in Rajasthan, who will use their vote for the government for the first time. This time in Rajasthan, more than 5.26 crore voters will elect the state government. The Election Commission has finalized the voter list for the Assembly Elections-2023. Compared to the assembly elections held in 2018, this time the number of voters has increased by 48,91,545. The election department in the state has finally published the photo voter list of all the 200 assembly constituencies in the state.

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This time more than 5 crore voters will cast their votes in the assembly elections.

Election Commission CEO Praveen Gupta said, ‘This time 5 crore 26 lakh 80 thousand 545 voters will exercise their franchise in the assembly elections. Of these, 2 crore 73 lakh 58 thousand 627 are male voters, while 2 crore 51 lakh 79 thousand 422 are female voters. Transgender voters are 606, while PVTG (Saharia Tribal) voters are 77,343. Let us tell you, in the 2018 assembly elections, there were 4 crore 77 lakh 89 thousand voters in the state.

Youth voters in the state are around 2.73 crore.

The number of polling stations in the state has increased from 51,187 to 51,756. This time the youth voters are around 2.73 crore. Their age is between 18 to 39 years. In this, there are more than 22 lakh 6 thousand voters who will vote for the first time, whose age is between 18 to 20 years, while voters of 20 to 29 years are 1.32 crore and voters of 30 to 39 years are 11.85 crore.

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11.78 lakh voters above 80 years of age will be able to cast their vote sitting at home

There are 11.78 lakh voters above 80 years of age and 17, 241 voters above 100 years of age in the voter list. This time these voters will get the option to vote sitting at home. This time, on the orders of the Supreme Court, a separate voter list of sex workers was also prepared. Their number in the entire state is 13,232, who were included in the voter list.

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