Rahul Gandhi Mp Visit Live: Rahul raised the issue of caste census, said – If the government is formed, we will take an X-ray of the country – Mp Election 2023 Live Rahul Gandhi In Shajapur Today Attend Congress Jan Aakrosh Yatra In Kalapipal

Rahul Gandhi said in Polayakala that this is a fight of our ideology. On one side there is Congress and on the other side there is BJP and RSS. On one side Gandhiji and on the other side Godse. On one side there is hatred and on the other side there is love. These people spread hatred wherever they go. Farmers and youth in Madhya Pradesh have started hating them. Whatever these people did to the public, now the public is doing to them. For this reason, we have taken out these seven Jan Akrosh Yatras in Madhya Pradesh. Before this he had walked from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. Our journey covered about 370 km in Madhya Pradesh. Met farmers, youth, mothers and sisters. Just told me two-three things. Madhya Pradesh is the epicenter of corruption in India. The amount of corruption that BJP people have done in Madhya Pradesh has not been done in the entire country. Children’s funds, mid-day meal funds, school uniform funds were stolen. BJP stole money in Mahakal Corridor. You all know the Vyapam scam. One crore youth were harmed. Seats are sold. Papers are leaked. This is their secret.

Farmer is paying tax for the first time

Rahul said that you are a farmer. You guys grow soybeans here. Farmers told us that the government does not give fair prices here. If you ask the farmers in Chhattisgarh, you will know how much money we pay to the farmers for paddy. We fulfilled every promise. Loan waiver of farmers was done in every state including Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh. Kamal Nath ji was waiving off the loans of farmers. Here BJP people cheated you and stole the government. In the last 18 years, 18 thousand farmers have committed suicide here. Every day three farmers die here. This is their government here. These people work for the elected people. For the first time in the history of India, farmers are paying taxes. They brought black laws to suppress and eliminate farmers. All the farmers of India united and stood against them. Narendra Modi ji says that he has brought this law for the benefit of farmers. Why have farmers taken to the streets when it is beneficial for them? Narendra Modi wanted to say that farmers have no understanding. Two-three billionaires of India, Adani ji, work to benefit the farmers. You go to Karnataka, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Himachal, our governments there work for the poor. In Karnataka we gave five guarantees for farmers, women, poor. Women of Karnataka do not pay a single rupee to travel by bus. Wherever she wants to go, she goes for free. Every month the government gives money directly to their bank accounts. Loan of farmers waived off in Chhattisgarh. They provide the right price to the farmers. Medicines are available free of cost in Rajasthan. There is free treatment up to Rs 15 lakh. If you have to undergo heart surgery, it is free. Government should be for the people, not for any organization or one or two industrialists. We want to run a similar government here in Madhya Pradesh.

When Adani ji started speaking the truth, his Lok Sabha membership was terminated.

Rahul Gandhi alleged that as soon as I started talking about Adani ji in Parliament. Similarly, my Lok Sabha membership was cancelled. Just imagine, to protect Adani, my Lok Sabha membership was immediately cancelled. I don’t care. I speak the truth. Adani ji is a truth in front of the country. Look at the ports, look at the airports, look at the infrastructure, you will see Adani ji everywhere. Adani ji takes out your money from the pockets of farmers every day. Your money goes into infrastructure, diesel, fertilizer and goes to these two industrialists. Talked about media people. They will show Modi ji’s face 24 hours. Will not show us. Why Ace? Their remote control is in the hands of Adani ji. Truth is bigger than Adani ji.

Why OBC reservation was not included in women’s reservation?

Rahul also cornered the Modi government on the issue of women’s reservation. He said that a few days ago BJP talked about women’s reservation. We raised a question. BJP did not give any reply. Earlier we said that women’s reservation is good but you have written two short lines in it. Delete these. There was a line – There is a need to conduct a survey before women’s reservation. The second line was – the delimitation we have to do before making women’s reservation. With this, women’s reservation will happen after ten years. It won’t happen today. We said change these two lines. We asked the question why there is no OBC reservation in women’s reservation? Narendra Modi ji, you say that you are an OBC leader. Work for OBC. Why didn’t you make OBC reservation in women’s reservation? The figures surprised me. Narendra Modi says that there are OBC MLAs and MPs in BJP. First of all, Congress has four governments and three of its chief ministers are OBCs. Secondly, go to Parliament or Assembly and ask BJP MPs and MLAs whether they are asked while making laws? Laws are made not by BJP’s MLAs and MPs, but by RSS people and officers.

90 officers run the country, among them only three are OBC

Rahul said that India is run by 90 officers. The Cabinet Secretary, and the Secretary to the Government of India run the Government of India. These people make laws. Let us decide how much money should go where. BJP has been in government for ten years. No one has the answer to what is the OBC population. Caste census has not been conducted. OBC population in India is approximately 50 percent. Out of 90 officers, only three officers are OBC. If seen two-three years ago, out of 90 officers in the Indian government, 0 were from OBCs. This is the truth of the country. Narendra Modi ji does not work for OBCs, Dalits, tribals. Divert your attention here and there. India’s budget is worth lakhs of crores. What is the participation of these three OBC officers in the budget? How many rupees do they decide on? There is a budget of approximately Rs 43 lakh crore. No one knows. The truth is that OBC officers have five percent share in the entire budget of India. If Modi really works for OBCs then why is his number three among 90 officers? Money is being stolen from the pockets of OBCs.

If the government is formed, the first task will be to conduct caste census.

Rahul said that Kamal Nath ji got hurt. When he went to the doctor, he first got X-ray and MRI done. Everyone says that there are OBCs, tribals and Dalits in India. When we ask how many OBCs are there? How many Dalits are there? No one can answer this. We have to do an X-ray of India. It has to be found out that if 90 officers are running India and they are getting five percent share. If their participation is 50 percent then why do they have control over 5 percent of the budget? When I raise questions, Narendra Modi runs away. Amit Shah starts saying something else. There is only one issue before India – caste census. This will be the first task if Congress government is formed. When we were in government, we had conducted the caste census. Narendra Modi knows how many OBCs there are in India. He does not want to tell how many OBCs there are? He doesn’t want to give you true power. He makes your people sit in the assembly but keeps them silent. We want everyone’s participation. Farmers should get the right price. This is everyone’s India. It belongs to two-three industrialists. Our first task will be caste census. When our government comes, we will tell the country how many OBCs there are.

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